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3 Drain-Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avert From Doing

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A clogged drain can happen on your bathroom floor drains, kitchen sink, or bathtub. The frequency of obstructed drain lines increase if you fail to conduct cleaning and maintaining the drains in a frequent basis. You need to make sure you’re doing the proper way of cleaning the drains. Otherwise, you will be just wasting time and effort. Avert these common drain-cleaning mistakes and learn how to do its proper upkeep.

  1. Being reliant in using cleaning products that have a lot of acid and chemicals

Today, almost everyone is always looking for fast and easy solutions in maintaining their household. Of course, drain-cleaning is no exception with this trend. A lot of homeowners turn on to products that contain harsh and strong compounds for their drain upkeep. Using these cleaning supplies are definitely easy and fast which is why many people are using it. However, many people don’t know that it’s ill-advised to use such items. First of all, the chemicals are actually detrimental to your overall health. When you open the container, you will most likely inhale the acids and chemicals. This can harm your lungs and entire respiratory system. Your eyes and skin can also be irritated. In some cases, people have harsh allergy reactions after exposed to the harsh agents.

Aside from your health, the drain’s plumbing system can also be under peril if you keep on using these chemical products. Acid is present in most of these kind of drain cleaners. This can corrode the pipeline if it’s frequently poured in the drain lining. Pipes that are already too old are susceptible to damage and corrosion. There are plenty of other options that are just as effective as using chemical products but much safer. For one, plungers and drain snakes are more effective in clearing drains. Enzyme cleaners are great for drain maintenance and it doesn’t have any harsh compounds that would otherwise harm your health and corrode the drain pipes.  

  1. Not using plumbing tools at all

The very reason why there are plumbing tools in the first place is to use it for cleaning and/or clearing the drains. Using non-plumbing tools or just any item for your drains will just add problems later on. Many people are fond of using coat hangers or broom stick handles to clear the drains. Although they can be effective to some degree; there are risks of abrasions or just having these items stuck. Another item used by homeowners are garden hoses. They just blast water on the drains with the hose which may sound like an ingenious method. The reality is that you will be just wasting water. Garden hoses don’t have enough water pressure to thoroughly clean the pipes. Water jets designed for household drains are better than using garden hoses.  

  1. Using drain-cleaning tools ineffectively

While it’s great that you use proper plumbing tools for clearing drains; it’s important that you should know how to effectively these equipment. For example: drain augers are used for clearing drains that are clogged. However, it can damage the pipe lining if you don’t know how to properly use it.