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3 Maintenance Tips for Garbage Disposal Systems


Garbage disposals are one of the most salient appliances you could install in your homes. They would just sit there in one area and silently perform their job. They offer a great percentage of leisure and convenience while simultaneously freeing all homeowners from all the possibilities of kitchen drain clogging and sewer system nightmares. In return to the convenience they offer to us and to our plumbing system, maintaining them and showing them little attention would help. This will help guarantee and ensure us with their high and satisfactory performance without reduction to their service lifespan. They might be known to be self-cleaning, but habitual care and routinely maintenance acts should be performed. Your garbage disposal unit might release a foul and stinky odour when you don’t pay attention to them. Aside from that, the negligence of the habitual garbage disposal maintenance might lead them to break down and degenerate.

Here are the simple ways to maintain your garbage disposals and save them from early destruction and degeneration.

  • Habitual cleaning

Routinely and habitual garbage disposal cleaning can help in the magnification of your unit’s service lifespan and performance. Wedged large particles should be removed as the initiation of the cleaning procedure before proceeding to the cleaning proper. The power supply should be turned off and the plug should be removed to avoid electrocution and further accidents. There are many effective ways in manually cleaning your garbage disposal and here are some of them.

  • Flushing with water

After using the garbage disposal unit, always flush them with water. This is to primarily remove the stuck particles within your mechanism. Some particles may be left stuck in your unit that would cause the stinky smell. Removing them would mean constantly flushing them with water every after use.

  • Ice cubes and salt

Ice cubes and salt are best for removing jammed particles as well. Just pour two cups of ice cubes and salt in your garbage disposal and let them be ground. They do not sharpen the blades as many of us believe, they just simply remove the stuck particles in the blades that cause them to get dull. Removing these stuck particles would mean restoring the blades capability to grind effectively.

Specialised ice cubes may help as well. This is made of citrus and vinegar which could help remove the stinky and foul odour your unit releases due to the rotten food particles stuck in your mechanism.

  • Brushing

Manually brushing the interior of your unit might help as well. Just remove the screen located on the top of the mechanism and initiate the manual cleaning procedures.

  • Avoidance of greasy and fatty substances

Just like our sewer laterals, grease and fat are one of the major causes of its troubles. In this case, the constant and continuous draining of grease and fat would reduce your mechanism’s efficiency. The grease and fat you continuously wash off your plates would settle and attach to your garbage disposal causing its motor to slow down. Eventually, this would lead to your unit’s destruction and clogging problems.

  • Avoid hard particles

It is evident that garbage disposals have their own limitations. This includes their incapability of grinding hard particles such as bones and hard seeds. These particles would dull the blades and jam some of its rotating particles causing it to degenerate. Instead of draining these particles into your garbage disposal, it would be better if you keep them in your garbage bins.