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4 Drain Cleaning Remedies Found at Home

There are innumerable issues that a household can encounter in regards to a drain. In most cases, the fixture that gets most affected are the sewer pipes. The drains can also shoulder the brunt of the complication since the random wastes that pass through the drain can be quite detrimental. The minor inconveniences that a defaced sewer pipe can bring to a home will only grow exponentially if it is not treated and fixed at the soonest possible moment. As the damage worsen, only time will tell when the pipes will totally give way.

The best way a homeowner can counter any issue with the pipe, whether it is to solve a complication or to simply clean out the drain, is to contact any local plumbing company. However, minor problems and the routine maintenance of a plumbing or sewage system can cost a hundred bucks at most but can be accomplished using household remedies that are easy and effective. Through these methods, you can save your hard-earned cash for something more substantial to you. So, here are simple and effective ways to fix a blocked drain by using products that are found in your home:

  • Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

Vinegar and baking soda are already good solutions all on their own. Combining these two home cleaners will surely be effective. What you can do is, pour at least half of a box of the baking soda and a healthy dose of vinegar into a bowl and mix the two. The next step is to pour the solution into the drain pipe. The moment these make contact with the build up, a fizzing sound will be heard. This is a sign that it is acting with the blockages and slowly dissolving it.

If both solutions are not available at home, at least one would probably be present. One can be used and accomplish almost the same amount of efficiency. No matter which you use, give it a few moments after pouring it down the pipes. To clean everything thoroughly, use hot water to flush out the solution. Make sure that the stink of the baking soda that was mixed with the pungent smell of vinegar is completely gone.

  • Boiled Water

Hot water will be helpful in unraveling whatever fibrous accumulation down the drain. Through that, the blockage will also be softened making it easier to flush it further down the pipe or sewage lines. Another advantage is that the hot water can be beneficial in deodorising the pipes as it removes the grease and fat that are sticking along the interior of the pipes.

  • Bent Wire

Fashion an old wire into a fishing tool that will aid you in pulling out the accumulation or buildup from inside the pipe. To do this, cut the old wire and make it into a fishing tool by cutting the wire in half and bending one end. The bent point will be the one that goes through the pipe.

  • Cleaning the U-pipe

This method will be useful for sink drains. All a homeowner needs to do is to locate the U-pipe in the sewage pipeline. Detach the pipe from the sewage lines using pliers and once the pipe has been detached, proceed to scrape the buildup from the interior walls. Pour everything that’s left in the bucket down to the bottom of the pipe. Repeat the steps as many times as you need to get rid of all the accumulations.