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5 Effective Ways to Prevent Clogged Drains

blockedpipe-hairDrains keep the water effectively flowing in our household. They are also responsible in keeping order of our wastes and used water from going down the sewer and keeping or house clean by flushing down unwanted mess and odour. Drainage system can be found all over the house like that of the kitchen sinks, bathtubs and toilets as well as water heaters. But what if these drains are clogged? Imagine how your house will look like if the water used in washing dishes are not going down the drain? Or the toilet is not flushed? Or bathtubs are not drained after taking a bath? This will really disrupt the order and cleanliness of your home. As maintaining a responsible homeowner role, your goal is to find ways to prevent clogged drains from happening.

Remove any form of debris immediately

This may include foods scraps, hairs, grease, and other foreign objects. If you noticed a little build up, immediately dispose them in the trash can but never flush them down the sink because it will definitely cause clogged drains.

One factor that homeowners misunderstood is they flush down grease which is a wrong perception. Grease can build up and harden even though they are slippery in form. In closed pipes, when grease build up and harden it will then cause clogs. Hot water is effective of breaking it down and proper disposal of grease must also be observed.

Use strainers and clean them regularly

Strainers can prevent foreign debris from going down the drain pipe. This can be used in all form of draining pipes like that of kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and bathtubs. It is also important to clean strainers/ stoppers to prevent debris from building up causing clogs.

Replace broken pipes

If you already have warning signs of broken pipes like that of leaks, replace them immediately. In case of underground pipes, cracks or any form it may result for roots to grow inside the pipes. This will block the water flow because of the build-up of roots as well as accumulated soil.

Know the warning signs

If water is flushing or draining slowly, it is already an impending sign that there is little blockage. Solve the problem while it still hasn’t got worse.

Do not flush just anything in the toilet

There are a lot of instances that people has the wrong notion that paper towels can just be dissolved when flushed down the toilet. That is a wrong belief because if paper towels build up then it causes serious blocked drainage. Toilets are not that easy to manage and unclog.

As much as possible, these preventive measures mentioned above can be your first line of solutions for clogged drains. If this get worst or you can’t do plumbing things on your own, there are plumbing services that may answer your needs. Following these ways will effectively help you in maintaining order to your home. Make it a habit also to teach all household members to know the ways in preventing drains from ever being clogged again.