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5 Major Causes of Blocked Toilets


The value of our toilets at home is always under appreciated. That is why when there is a problem with it, we keep on asking what happened and why it happened. Clogged toilet is one the things that frustrates us, worse part, is when the water overflows on our floor. Don’t know why it happened? Here are 5 reasons why you toilet clogged:

Foreign Objects

Most of the time clogged toilet is a human-caused predicament. Because of our laziness, we flush things that do not really have to be within our toilet. Keep the following things out of the toilet:

  • Dental floss,
  • Sanitary napkins,
  • Baby diaper, and
  • Hygiene products

As a way to fix the problem, a plunger and a closet auger are usually used.

Dual flush toilet or Low-Flow flush

There are times that clog toilet is caused by a low-flush toilet. This means that the toilet will only flush half of the water within your tank. So if the traditional toilet flushes 3 gallons of water, low-flow flush will only flush 1.5-gallon water. One of the reasons that it clogs is because the water is not enough to flush down all the load, loads like human waste or toilet paper. With this situation, since the water is not enough, the loads that are not flush will clog the toilet.

Flappers need fixing

If you don’t know where and what a toilet flapper is, then let me describe it for you. The flapper is the round-shaped device that settles within your toilet tank. The flapper is the one responsible for your toilets to flush. If your flapper is damaged, it can result to a clogged toilet. The clog happens when the flapper closes too soon and decreases the power of the flush.

To see if it really is damaged, try to look inside your tank, the flapper specifically. When you flush, you will be able to see that ¾ of water inside the tank is flushed out before the flapper closes down. If you notice that your flapper closes too soon, replace it immediately.

Port holes are blocked

The port holes are the holes that are found underneath the rim of the toilet. To check if the holes are truly blocked, get a mirror and try to see the holes. If you see that they are , try to get a sharp object , most of the people uses a bent wire hanger, to poke the holes and take them out afterwards. After it, try to get a muriatic acid and put them into the overflow tube of the toilet and flush it afterwards.

Hard water on rim ports

As mentioned earlier, port holes are the holes that are found underneath the rim of the toilet bowl. When the hard water sticks into the rim, the build-up will likely to block the holes and avert the toilet from flushing well. Aside from affecting the functions of your toilet to flush,it also causes the toilet to clog and worse, overflow. If you see any of it, make sure that you take it out to avoid toilet problems.