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8 Simple Things You Can Use for Clearing Out Blocked Drains

plumber granville 8 Simple Things You Can Use for Clearing Out Blocked Drains

As a homeowner, you should be always cautious of what goes down your drain. When you don’t mind what goes down the drain and you just drain everything from your plates, kettles and frying pans, clogging and sewer obstruction would likely occur. Upon experiencing this plumbing catastrophe, directly contacting and engaging with a plumbing expert would not be very practical when the problem is facile enough to be solved on your own. If you have the basic knowledge on how to solve this problem and the right equipment to use, you could be able to unleash yourself from the burdens of service rates. Here are the basic household tools you can utilise to unclog your blocked drains.


A plunger is a primary tool for cleaning and unclogging obstructed drains. You might have invested on some of them: one for your toilet and one for your kitchen sink, as they have been one of the home’s essentials. They are the first handy tool you can utilise when things in your drains do not make their way through the pipe like what you expected.

Drain snake

A drain snake has a flexible shaft with a spiralling metal on one end. This is to be inserted on your pipes until it reaches the obstruction. The spiral end will create a hole on the obstruction to restore the flow of the water but this does not fully solve the dilemma. This will be used when plungers can no longer solve the problem. You would only have to keep pushing until you unclog the obstruction. But remember, too much force exerted on the snake might destroy your wall.

Bent wire hanger

A bent wire hanger can be a personalised version of drain snake. This will still be inserted on your pipes to reach and pull the blockage, yet because this is not very flexible, it might as well destroy your pipe walls especially when your pipes are already weak and deteriorated.

Dishwashing detergent

Sometimes, products you have at home can be used to unclog drains. Detergents, when poured and drained into the blocked pipe and rinsed with water, it will disband grease build-ups which are the possible causes of clogs. Yet when utilising this procedure, you will still need the aid of a plunger to completely remove the blockage.

Baking soda and vinegar

This can be done with 1/3 cup of both baking soda and vinegar. Mix them together in a cup and pour it down the obstructed drain. They are capable of removing hair build-up, gunk and corrosion, and grime build-up. Let it sit for over an hour and then rinse with boiling water afterwards.

Boiling water

Sometimes, when you want a quick solution and maintenance for your sewer lines, pouring down boiling water once in a while would lend a great help. Boil as much water as you want and let it stream down the drain. This is not only economical and quick, it can also disband grease build-up, smoothen it and help it make their way through the sewer lateral.

Caustic soda

When using caustic soda in unclogging drains, make sure to use protective gears such as a mask, goggles, gloves and cover-all as this chemical can burn your skin when accidentally splashed into your body or health risks when inhaled. This is commonly known as Sodium Hydroxide or lye. Just mix it with cold water, let it stream through the drain and flush with hot water afterwards.

Salt and baking soda

These materials can be found in your home not only because they are very essential in baking but in unclogging drains as well. You would only have to pour some on your drain and flush it down with hot water after letting it sit for a few minutes.