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Step-By-Step Process Of Replacing A Pop-Up Drain

A bathroom pop-up sink is a very convenient multipurpose feature. Although replacing a pop-up drain with a new one can be quite easy, the process is not always straight forward. Fortunately, if you ever need to replace your pop-up drain and install a new one, you can simply the process by following these instructions.

 replacing a pop-up drain

1. Prepare Parts

Remove the trap after loosening it in order to remove the old-pop assembly. Before you begin the new installation, make sure you clean the sink. The mounting nut in the new assembly should be unscrewed all the way down. The plastic washer should be installed followed by the rubber washer, which should be pushed down towards the top of the nut.


2. Pipe Joint Compound

The rubber washer should be covered in a thin layer of pipe joint compound so that it seals easily. Without it, the rubber might not get sealed at the underside of the sink.


3. Plumbers Putty

A generous amount of plumbers putty should be applied around the underside of the chrome ring that fits above the sink. Often, certain pop-up assemblies come with a foam or rubber gasket for this purpose, or silicone can be used instead of plumbers putty.


4. Connect Parts

The pop-up drain should be pushed up under the sink through the opening as high as it goes. The chrome ring should be fit from the top of the sink into the opening, and the top ring should be screwed onto the bottom piece of the drain as much as possible by hand.


5. Tightening

While holding the pop-up drain pipe from under the sink with one hand, the nut can be tightened up. While holding the drain nut still, large pliers can be used to tighten it. This nut should not be over tightened, but the drain should also not spin from one side to another if the pipe is turned under the sink.


6. Put Drain Stopper

The stopper should be pushed into the drain and the hole should be toward the back of the sink. After positioning the stopper, the rod should be put into place. Usually, the plastic ball has a plastic washer on both sides. The nut should be threaded onto the drain pipe once the ball is on the inside. The pop-up rod should be up and down to check the up and down motion of the stopper. The nut can then be tightened by hand.


7. Pop-Up Lever

The finished pop-up lever should be fed down behind the faucet’s spout through the hole. The vertical lever can be connected with the horizontal rod.


After the two rods have been connected, the pop up will go up and down as desired, or the rod connections can be adjusted accordingly. Finally, the trap can be reconnected to the drain pipe and you will have succeeded in replacing a pop-up drain.