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Unclog your Shower Drain with These Methods

plumber granville - pour hot water on drains

Removing the obstructions in your shower drain isn’t really difficult; it just requires some basic plumbing tools, a few homemade cleaners, and the anticipation of the possibility of a messy and filthy work. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to immediately notice a clogged shower drain until it has become too severe and causes a slow-flowing drain and/or water puddles that are appearing on the bathroom floor. But with these methods, you will be able to unclog shower drains with relative ease.

Pour hot water first

First of all, this particular method is not an actual solution to unclogging drains. What it does is that it breaks down or slackens some of the dirt and soap residue that are sticking. So it’s basically a pre-clean up application more than anything else. When you do pour the boiling water, pour it slowly and don’t just directly splash into the drain to avoid hurting yourself from the spattering hot water.

Plunging method

This is more effective if the clog is small since it won’t have enough force to deal with large clogs. A good example of how limited this method can be is with deep hair clogs. You see, there won’t be enough suction on the floor and the deep clog can make it even more difficult, especially with the hair obstruction. To make your plunging work easier, add petroleum jelly on the sides of the suction pad. This allows more suction power and a better seal.

Use your hands or a hook device to remove the obstruction

If plunging won’t be effective then you really need to remove the blockade with your own hands or with the help of an extended hook item. You do need to wear leather gloves or other hand protection that will cover your hands from the filth you’re about to touch.

The first thing that must be done is to take off the drain cover for entry. Depending on what kind of drain cover you have, you may have to remove with screwdrivers or just detach it with your hands. The next step is to reach into the drain to find the source of the clog. It would help if you have a flashlight to see the insides of the drain clearly. If you think that your hands won’t be able to reach it, then you must use some kind of hook. A wire coat hanger can actually be used to take on the various obstructions found in the drain, but it does need to be bent in order to extend its reach. You can also use drain sticks but the reach is not as great as a makeshift hanger.

Classic mixture of baking soda & vinegar

The baking soda & vinegar mixture is a popular choice in cleaning and unclogging drains all over the household. However, it’s not all the time that this will completely remove the clogs in the drain, especially with major clogs. You may have to resort in manually using your hands in removing the clog if this method didn’t solve the issue.