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3 Helpful Tactics to Resolve Your Bathroom Emergency Plumbing Issues


Bathroom is an important part of your home. It is where you and your family members do your daily personal hygiene regimen. Keeping bathroom plumbing system in a good, efficient condition is essential to avoid any headaches and disruption to your daily bathroom activities. Bathroom plumbing issues including blocked drains, blocked toilet, burst pipe and leaks can pose dangers to you and your family members, particularly your children. Note that immediate attention and action is needed to resolve these issues.

1. Maintenance of showerheads

Showerheads often develop uneven spray because mineral deposits become clogged in the tiny holes. These deposits need to be removed in order for the water to freely flow. To clean the showerheads, follow the tips given below.

  • Using a wrench or pliers, unscrew the swivel ball nut. Wrap the jaws of the tool with masking tape to protect the finish from scratches. Then, unscrew the collar nut from shower head and lightly clean the inlet and outlet holes with a thin wire. You must flush the head with water and soak the showerhead in vinegar for all the mineral deposits to be removed.
  • You will need to remove your showerhead to perform a more rigorous cleaning if the vinegar failed to remove all the mineral deposits. To do that, first you need to disconnect your showerhead from the shower arm and rinse it with clean water to loosed debris. Then wrap your showerhead with plumbing tape and reattach to the shower arm with a wrench.

2. Keeping your bathroom plumbing system run efficiently

It is crucial to ensure that your bathroom plumbing system runs efficiently to eliminate interruption to any of your daily personal hygiene activities. Routine preventive maintenance of your plumbing system should be done properly and regularly to address any issues right away.

  • To avoid further damage to your faucets and bathroom fixtures, fix the leaks immediately.
  • Never flush facial or bathroom tissue and other sanitary products in the toilet. It is not a wastebasket or a trash bin. These items can clog the lines because they do not dissolve. Throw them in the trash container.
  • Put strainers in your tubs and showers to catch soap chips and hair. Ensure to clean the strainers consistently.
  • Run hot water down your drain once a week in order for the water to flow freely.

3. Checking for toilet leaks

Regularly check your toilet for any leaks so you can stop them immediately and avoid further damage. Consider following these simple tips on how you can test for toilet leaks.

  • Ensure that the water in your tank is not overflowing by checking the water level using the overflow pipe. You must adjust the fill valve if the water is running into the pipe. Do this until the water stops one inch below the top of the overflow tube. If the water changes colour in about 15 minutes, the ball is leaking and must be replaced.

There will be always a time when you need to take time on your bathroom plumbing system to correct any issues by yourself or with the help of a plumber. Hope these tips will both help resolve problems and properly take good care of your bathroom plumbing system.