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4 Dangers of Having High Water Pressure

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If you think that high water pressure brings so much convenience to you and to your plumbing system, forget about it for you might probably oblivious of the dangers it puts to your fixtures and amenities at home. Yes, it is true that high water pressure saves us more time in filling our works, kettles and boiling pots. Same thing in the tub, it fills up the tub in no time. However, as mentioned earlier, this could create a problem into your pipe system as you reject the thought of reducing the pressure.

Since there is too much force exerted as the high water pressure travels to your pipes systems, it is expected that leaks, cracks and pipe burst may happen. These kinds of problems can be mended right away, however, decreases the lifespan of your pipes. Here are some plumbing problems likely to occur as high water pressure is present in your household:

Water wastage

This is the first problems most homeowners experience when there’s too much water pressure in their home. With this at home, opening your taps for showers or kitchen purposes, the gushing water would be too much for your household duties. High water pressure doesn’t really put your plumbing system at stake, however, ignoring the situation could affect your household water consumption and bill. You can manage the water wastage problem, try to dwindle the water pressure by turning the pressure valve of your desire pressure that doesn’t go beyond require water pressure.

Pipe leaks

Excessive water pressure put tension to pipes and fixtures such as taps and shower heads that over time leaks or worse, burst might occur. With that being said, because of high pressure, chances that pipes obtain leaks from the predicament are high. Being oblivious to the problem further, damages the plumbing system leading to costly repair services. Additionally, it also leads to water wastage. When leaks are present on your pipe due to high water pressure, it can be fixed immediately however, its setback is that the lifespan of your plumbing pipes certainly dwindles.

Water hammer

Aside from the leaks and bursting pipes, one of the signs that you have high water in your household is the banging noises after turning the tap off. This banging noise is typically known as water hammer. This could also occur when high water pressure flows through bends or valves which cause the water to create banging noises, along with it is vibration, that could be very disturbing especially in the night-time. Excessive pressure in your pipes precipitates them to wear out easily, expand up until it burst.

Valves that easily wear out

It is general knowledge that our plumbing is system is composed of various valves that also include a shut-off valve. This type of valves is devised to intentionally stop the flow of water out of the tap or to reduce the volume of water that flows out of your taps. As too much water pressured continues, the fixtures and valves easily wear off. There could be a difficulty in working with the valve because of the amount of force applied by the high water pressure.