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4 Probable Causes of a Running Toilet

plumber granville - probable causes of running toilet

A running toilet could be probably one of the worse problems you’ll ever face. This could make you pay high water bills. This is due to the water wasted since the water in the toilet won’t stop running. However, you can handle this problem all by yourself. You won’t be needing to call a problem since it has easy fixes. You just got to locate where the problem is first. Once you found out the main problem, you can start doing fixes in your toilet. Here are some 4 probable causes of a run-on toilet.

Chain Problems. Inspect the connection between the flush lever and the attached rubber flapper. Shake the flapper and pay attention to the chain in the middle of the flush lever and the flapper. When the chain constantly pulls the flapper even if the flush lever is not moving, the chain’s too short. The chain might be too long if it intervenes with the closing flapper. You can simply move the chain’s clip down if the chain has an extra length. Or, you can just replace it with an aluminium ball chain or maybe a small chain with a longer length.

Wrecked Flapper. To check if the flapper is damaged, you must first drain out the water in the tank by flushing the toilet. Loosen the flapper from the tank’s base and for you to get a closer look, you must pull it. Now start searching for discolouration or damages in the flapper. These could be signs that you need to replace your flapper. Flappers are cheap and easy to install in the toilet tank. Make sure that your replacement flapper is the same as the old one so it’ll fit on the thick centre part of the chain. To replace your flapper with a new one, just simply unhook the old one from the chain and connect the new one.

Float Position. The float might be too high for the pump if it continues filling the tank even if the water is underneath the overflow pipe. You can examine this by easily flushing the toilet for several times and take note unto where the water stops. To fix this problem, you can bend the rod that is connected to the float so it will lower and can notify the pump to turn off shortly.

Sticky Flush Valve. You must consider that the problem might probably be in the linkage of the flush handle and tank ball. You’ll know that this is the problem once the water won’t stop running even after you flush. It only stops running until you jiggle the flush handle up and down.