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4 Types of Taps Commonly Used at Home

taps used at home

A great man once said that even a small leak can sink a great ship and not long after, a great ship did sink. You might wonder what is the connection between the types of taps to the sinking ship. Well, a leaky tap drips water, slowly at first and then the next thing you’ll notice is a flooded floor. No matter how small something is, never underestimate it. So it is of great importance to take precautions on small matters such as choosing taps appropriate for your beloved home. There are only 4 main types of taps and they are the following:



  • Ball Taps

The ball taps are usually used in kitchen sinks and are one of the washerless taps since it doesn’t use any washer at all. You can easily identify this as it is made up of a single handle that moves over a ball-shaped cap that is just placed above the base of the tap’s spout. Ball taps supply both hot and cold water which can be controlled by the ball or lever component.



  • Disk Taps

The disk taps are commonly known as ceramic disk taps since they can be identified through their single handles and the obviously wide cylindrical bodies. This type of tap uses two ceramic disks that have holes in them and are used as a passage for the water. The pressure balance cartridge acts as the mixing chamber for the water to come up with two temperatures: hot and cold. The two ceramic disks below the chamber control the volume of the waterflow. The temperature, however, can be controlled by twisting the lever or handle from side to side.



  • Cartridge Taps

The components of the cartridge taps are somewhat just similar to the other types of taps. You have to disassemble it first to determine what it is made of inside. The single handle of this tap regulates the waterflow by moving it up and down. Contrary to the ball taps, the water volume of the cartridge taps are controlled by moving the handle or lever up and down and the temperature is through a left and right motion. The cartridge taps are either single or double handled.



  • Compression Washer Taps

The compression taps are contrary to the previous types of taps which have washerless features. These are mostly used in older houses as these have been around since mankind has discovered on-demand indoor plumbing. These are usually identified through their two handles which supply hot and cold water separately. This type of taps causes more trouble than most types and are leak-prone.