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4 Useful Tips To Avoid Damaged Pipes

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Many problems will occur when a there’s a broken pipe in our plumbing system. Due to this, homeowners really try to maintain the system to avoid it and be free from future issues. There are ways to maintain the pipe system, some of it are expensive and some aren’t. Since people always want to save and be practical, they usually opt for cheap and easy maintenance like the following below:

  1. Don’t rush in thawing frozen pipes

Before winter, the pipe system must be insulated properly. This is a way to prevent them from freezing. However, if the pipe isn’t insulated properly or aren’t insulated at all, expect to have frozen pipes after the cold season. When these pipes become frozen, one thing that homeowners shouldn’t do is to forcefully thaw it. Apparently, doing it will only damage the pipe. On the other hand, there are few methods used on how to properly thaw a frozen pipe. Keep in mind not to utilise propane torches and other flammable materials as they might result in an explosion. One famous tool to use in thawing pipes is a blow dryer.

  1. Avoid disposing of solid materials

Homeowners must be careful on what they pour down the sink. If solid materials reach the pipe, it could obstruct the passage and cause blockage issue. One thing to solve the problem is to do is use a garbage disposal. It can shred solid food before it reaches the drain. However, the unit itself has its own limitations as well. Bones, eggshells, and coffee grounds should never be flushed down. In addition, pasta can also expand if it makes contact with water resulting in the same problem. For these aforementioned, it’s best to dispose of them in the garbage bin.

  1. Fatty substances are prohibited

Pouring fatty substances must be stopped. Just because these substances are in liquid form doesn’t mean they’re welcome in the drain. Greasy substances will only stick on the pipe’s internal wall. As it continues to accumulate, it will obstruct the passage impeding water to flow through. Apparently, blockages and backups begin to happen. In addition, one factor that worsens the problem is when the pipe system has a small diameter. The problem should never be overlooked for it might totally damage the pipe system making them useless. With this, homeowners will be forced to replace their piping system.

  1. Avoid using chemical-based cleaners

Experts recommend to clean the pipes regularly. However, avoid using chemical-based cleaners in cleaning. This type of cleaner contains toxic substances. Constant usage of chemical cleaner will corrode the pipe. In addition, it could also cause leak problems if used regularly. When leak begins to appear, the problem won’t just be about the pipe but also the environment. The chemicals will affect the soil and tree roots near it. On the other hand, there are alternative cleaners that can be used. This is an inexpensive one that can be made at home. Homeowners can use citrus fruits or the combination of baking soda and vinegar.