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4 Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Home

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Is it winter season already? If so, you should do all the necessary precautions to keep your home convenient and free from problems that winter can bring. One of the most affected parts in your house during the cold season is the plumbing system — particularly the pipes. It’s best to have your pipes from freezing instead of dealing with a frozen pipe to avoid hassle and damage to your house.

Frozen pipes can stop the water flow in your plumbing system. Perhaps the most dangerous effect of this problem is that it can cause bursts and water leaks all over your household. Here are some effective ways you can prevent your pipes from being frozen solid.

  1. Insulate the pipes even before the cold gets worse

It’s more advantageous on your part if you’re already able to insulate before the atmosphere becomes colder. This will not only give you plenty of time to prepare but also protect the pipes early. There are a lot of insulation products that you can use. Insulation items like insulation blankets, heat cables, fibreglass sleeves, and heat tapes are used for keeping the pipes warm during the winter. You may have to set up whichever insulation product earlier if you have a lot of exposed pipes in your household. These exposed pipes (commonly found outdoors) can freeze faster than internal pipes since the cold atmosphere affects it easily.  

  1. Don’t turn off the room heater

Room heaters can actually help in preventing plumbing pipes from being frozen. You see, the temperate air prevent doesn’t just keep the room warm but also the pipes. This will definitely cause your energy bills to become higher, but it’s one of the most effective ways for warming the pipes. Besides, it’s not necessary that the temperature should be too high or warm. Setting the temperature to 283 K is more than enough for this method to work.  

  1. Open cabinets that have pipes underneath it

If you do have a room heater and decided to follow our advice in keeping it on; you should also open some cabinets that have hidden pipes. This allows the temperature to enter the cabinet and warm the pipe. Keeping the cabinets closed will only allow the pipes to become cold and more prone to freezing. Double check the cabinets in your house or covered pipes to ensure you didn’t miss one.

  1. Keep the taps dripping

You will usually get an advice in water reservation to keep the taps closed to avoid wasting water. However, if it’s during winter season; you might want to turn the tap a little bit to allow water to drip. In this way, you will force the plumbing system to keep the water moving and avert the pipes from being frozen. The reason for this is that non-moving water are more prone to freezing due to the lack of movement and cold temperature. Don’t worry too much about the water utility bills. It’s better to spend money for water than repairing a busted pipe.