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5 Common Types of a Water Storage Tank

types of water storage tank

Storage tanks are used in collecting all sorts of liquids that are used or have been used in the plumbing and sewage system. These tanks come in varied forms and sizes. They are modelled to fit specific elements that enable the tank to function to its full capacity while on site. Most considerations are fit to the environment that the tank is going to be in while other are made to hold specific types of contents and fluids and there are also others that are designed for specific usage. Either way, their variations are done to cater to the needs of the homeowner. Here are 7 of the most common types of liquid storage tank found in residential spaces:


  • Corrugated Steel Storage Tank

This type of tank is popularly used to store large amounts of liquid supplies. Made out of galvanized steel, the tank is specially designed to be watertight so it withstands heavy snowy weathers, seismic activities and winds that have the strength of up to 165 mph. The tank comes with the option of having potable or non-potable liners to give the users the choice of having drinkable water stored in the tanks. The liners are instrumental in preventing the water stored indie from having contact with the steel containers while also serving as a protective coating to prevent corrosion. The size of the tank varies to the preference of the homeowner since it can be customized.


  • Fibreglass Storage Tank

This is probably one of the longest lasting tanks in this list. These tanks are built with quality materials that not only secure the structure but also serve as a strong line of defence against corrosion and other weather and environmentally caused issues. One of the tank’s characteristics that make it popular to the masses is its capacity to with stand fluctuating and extremely high temperatures. The corrosion resistant features it possesses make it the perfect tank for outdoor installations. Although this tank is quite expensive, the investment is well worth it because of the added features that not only protect the contents but also keep the tank in perfect shape.


  • Plastic Storage Tank

This type of storage tank is often used for rainwater storage or drinking water collection. This type of storage tanks are often found residential spaces that have limited space and have vertical clearances to be minded. The special feature of a plastic storage tank is that it is varied to the point that it differs in sizes and shapes to best fit the area and space that the homeowner has available. It is no wonder that this type of type is the got-to option for spaces that are restricted and have slender areas.


  • Collapsible Storage Tank

Collapsible Storage Water Tanks are ideal for homeowners who will need interim stored water while having limited and crammed up spaces. This type of storage system is intended for external storage or those locations that have tight crawl spaces. There are numerous variations in size and shape for this type of tank that is available in the market to comply to the needs of the homeowner.


  • Onion Tanks or Emergency Storage Tank

This is the perfect approach for emergency water storage spaces. This tank has a contrived and self-rising walling that allow uncomplicated access and installations of fittings that avert issues and water supply predicaments. Aside from being useful in emergency situations, an Onion Tank is also effective in diverting and preventing water contamination.