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6 Costly Mistakes you Should Avoid When Renovating your Bathroom

bathroom_shower1Renovating your bathroom is not an easy project for your household. There are certainly a lot of things you need to consider, and you also have to plan everything well. If it’s your first time remodelling then you might be overwhelmed with all the preparation as well as the limitless options of the redesigns. A lot of first-timers and even those who already have experience planning renovations can commit mistakes that are costly.

Poor Budgeting Plan

There is no use sugar coating it, renovating a bathroom is expensive, which is why you need to be detailed when creating a budget plan. It’s also important to be realistic with your financial capabilities since the potential of your household project will depend on how much your funds are capable of.

You also have to take note of extra expenditures as well as the inflation of the prices of the material. In order to have a peace mind with your budgeting, increase 20% of your base budget.

Forgetting or Not Optimising the Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan is a crucial part of a sanitary restroom so it’s something that you should really prioritise. It may be possible that you’re too preoccupied with the layout and appearance of your bathroom that you overlooked its ventilation system.

Without the exhaust fan, the bathroom can be prone to mildew and mould infestation. The quality of the paint will also degrade. If you already have a ventilation system, then you should ask  the construction workers to get rid of the dirt and rubble from the renovation.

Choosing Substandard and Wrong Materials

You should think twice before purchasing cheap materials for the upgrade since the textiles and wood might not last long. It’s your best option to use top notch materials because it’s more resistant to moisture and rapid change of temperature. The company who’s doing your renovation should be able to give out advices and options for the best material for your bathroom.

Not Considering Water Consumption

For those who want a more practical bathroom,you should make use of water-efficient fixtures since it will lower your water bill. On the other hand, if you want to use more water-consuming shower heads like body sprays, you need to be aware that you need to enhance the plumbing lines so that the drainage system can keep up with the water pressure.

Ignoring Minor Errors

Don’t overlook minor mistakes like a misplaced tile, clunky shower head, uneven gaps, etc. At first these errors might be nothing to worry about or you may think it’s just a small inconvenience–but it reflects the overall output of the renovation. After all, you’re spending thousands of dollars for this home project, so you want your money’s worth.

Rushing Everything at the End

It’s understandable that you want the renovation to end as soon as possible. Maybe you’re excited to see the outcome or you just had enough with the inconveniences brought by the reconstruction. There is a tendency that you will rush the project which can result in a low quality output, dysfunctional fixtures, and other drawbacks. You need to patient when dealing with renovation since you don’t want your money wasted in an unappealing and flawed bathroom.