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6 Easy Steps to Reassemble a Toilet Tank

plumbergranville 6 Easy Steps to Reassemble a Toilet Tank

There are times that we need to replace the inner parts of our toilet tank. Before doing it, we are required to take out the linkage of the toilet tank from the toilet bowl and right away fix or replace whatever that needs to be fixed. However, after replacing the parts, your mind is lost and don’t know how to put back everything that you took out. To help you out, here are the following steps on how to reassemble your toilet tank:

Step 1.

Turn off the water

The first thing to do in rebuilding your toilet tank is to turn off the water. Of course, you don’t want the water flowing all the way while you are still doing your work right? Turn off the water of the toilet tank by shutting off of the closet stop or toilet stop which is located at the base. When you found it, keep turning the handle on a clockwise position until it stops.

Step 2.

Drain the Tank

This could be done by shoving the handle down and hold on it until you see that the water goes all the way down. You have to make sure that you are still holding on the handle until there is no water left in the tank. But there are times that it is inevitable that there is about 1 inch of water left, so when this happens, you can just wipe the remaining water with a sponge.

Step 3.

Disconnect the tank

In disconnecting your toilet tank, you can use a nominal size of adjustable wrench to detach the toilet stop nut. When you want to unfasten your tank from its bowl, all you have to do is to take out the bolts that are located on the bottom of the toilet tank. This could be done by supporting the head of the bolt using a large screwdriver. After that, you can rotate the nut underneath the tank using an adjustable wrench. Make sure that you have to keep on turning the nut until it is okay to remove the bolt. You have to repeat the process on all the bolts in the tank. After doing so, you can dismantle and take out all the parts within the toilet tank.

Step 4.

Install the Douglas Valve

First of all, you have to situate the valve by pushing it directly through the hole. In order to seal it properly, you have to turn the locking ring with your hand tightly. For some people, they would utilise large pliers to guarantee that the seal of fully tightened.

Step 5.

Install the Ballcock Assembly

Begin with the bolts and slip them on the seal. For the outer seals, you have to place all the rubber seals into the bolts. When all of them are in place, put the brass washers and fasten them using thinner nuts. To guarantee that it is seal properly, you can use an adjustable wrench or just hand tighten it.Next is placing the supply line. The supply line is a pliable line that is locked with a heavy-duty seal that could either be hand-tightened or with the use of slip-joint pliers in twisting the seal. One thing, don’t forget to place the overfill tube- it is responsible for filling up the bowl with water.

Step 6.

Reinstall the Tank

Finally, place the toilet tank overhead the toilet bowl. Using a slip-joint pliers, you have to tighten all the bolts so that the toilet tank won’t wobble.