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6 Factors to Consider When Looking for Emergency Plumbing Services

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Most of the homeowners these days tend not to think about an emergency plumbing service until they needed one. In situations like this, every minute counts, so certain things should be considered before getting a plumber so you will not be surprised of the incurred charges and to have self-protection.


Ask your prospective plumbers if they hold a license to do any plumbing jobs. You will know that they have knowledge on their trade as licensed plumbers need to pass a written examination.

Never confuse yourself of a plumbing license with a business license. Those with business licenses only mean they have the ability to operate a business, not to have the skills in executing any plumbing services.

Response Time

Know the span of time that an emergency plumbing service can fix your problem. Emergency plumbers are basically on call 24/7, but their response time will be delayed if they still need to drive a long distance before getting to your location. Additional response time may cost you significant amount should you have a leak at home. Ask for possibilities of an emergency plumber referral near you if they are miles away.


Will the emergency plumber get permits when necessary? Majority of these plumbers get permits since they are already familiar with the whole process and they already know the procedure.


Expect your hired plumber to have liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Liability insurance will be used in paying for the damages and repairs caused by the actions of the plumber while solving your plumbing issue. You will be held responsible for the damages if the plumber failed to have this type of insurance.

Worker’s compensation, on the other hand, covers the employees and plumber in circumstances when they get an injury. You will be responsible in paying for their medical bills and the other associated charges.

Be mindful that plumbers not carrying license often offer their services at a cheaper cost since they need not to pay for hefty premiums. However, such an amount you can save is minimal when compared to an accident or injury.


Know the hourly rates for the service and find out whether the plumber can give you an estimate over the phone. You may ask for certain issue’s ballpark figure though some plumbers will not do so without seeing the problem first. Service call charge may also be added to the parts to be used or to the hourly rate. Also, ask the mode of payment the plumber accepts.


The warranty on the labour and parts of the plumbing system to be fixed should be asked as well. While the plumbing service provider warrants the work, the manufacturer should warrant the parts.

Remember all these things whenever you encounter any problem with your plumbing system. You may have the knowledge and skills in attending certain issues, but a good plumber will always be valuable in carrying them out, especially in times of emergency where an expert is your best and last resort.