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How to Choose the Best Toilet Seat for your Household

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The last thing in your mind when it comes to toilet maintenance is replacing the toilet seat. You may think that all toilet seats are just the same but it actually has variety and offer innovative features that you may not know. If the seat is already broken or uncomfortable then you’re probably planning to get a new one. But before you start purchasing; check out our article on choosing the best toilet seat for your household.

Slow Close

As its name suggests, this seat closes gently, slowly, and quietly when pushed down. This prevents the usual problem of standard seats that immediately slams and causes a loud noise when accidentally closed. In a way, slow close toilets are safe for little children since its slow closing motion prevents the hands of the kids from being crushed by the toilet seat.


For homeowners who want to have a more sanitised toilet, you can replace your old seat with an antimicrobial one to hinder bacterial growth. This is indeed a unique and innovative feature as antimicrobial agents are added into the equipment.

Quick Release

What makes quick release seats a great option is that it makes cleaning the toilet easier. It’s all thanks to its easy-to-remove seat feature. You can just twist the hinges to take off the seat. Because of this unique component, cleaning the bolts becomes more bearable.

Built-In Child Sized Seats

It’s obvious that this feature is intended for small children. After all this type of toilet seat makes it easier and more comfortable for young children to use the toilet. The child seat immediately lifts together with the cover of the toilet which makes it a well-integrated design and convenient.


For those living in cold areas, you might want to check out heated toilet seats. The seat is safely heated with the use of low voltage electricity. Of course, it’s set at a harmless
temperature. You don’t have to worry about its energy consumption since its electric requirements for operation are negligible.

Anti-Wiggle Mounts

One of the common problems with toilet seats is that the bolts loosen and cause the seat to be removed. Fortunately, new toilet seats that have anti wiggle prevent this from happening. The design helps protect the toilet seat from damage due to everyday usage. This also reduces the instances of you tightening the loose seat.

Glowing Toilet Seats

This obviously isn’t necessary for your whole toilet since it only values style more than function. The LED emits a radiant light that allows the seat to glow. It can be powered with the use of batteries or outlets. Don’t be bothered if you can’t afford this equipment since it’s just for luxury. Of course, if you have a lot of money and want to make your bathroom unique and glowing, feel free to install a glowing toilet seat.