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How to Loosen Nuts on Plumbing Fixtures

Loosening nuts on plumbing fixtures may be easily done using a wrench. However, it can be hard if the nut is lodged in place. Nuts can get stuck if they have been placed too tight or if lime, rust, or calcium deposits built up around it, causing it to get stuck there. Regardless, some amount of elbow grease, using the correct tools, and following the steps given below will do make nuts loose right away.


1. Scrub all mineral deposits away by pouring some vinegar on the affected area and scrubbing these away with a wire brush. Once the deposits are loose, rinse the entire area and allow it to dry.


2. Loosen the nut using a wrench. Turn counter-clockwise to find out if the nut loosens easily. If it does not loosen right away, turn it in the opposite direction.


3. Hold a centre punch on the nut and use a hammer to tap it. When doing so, make sure to avoid hitting the plumbing parts near it. Try loosening it using the wrench.


4. Get hair dryer or anything that gives off heat, like a candle or propane torch, and hold it next to the nut. The heat that comes out causes the metal to expand, and when it happens, it becomes easier to take out the nut using a wrench.


5. Squeeze some lubricating oil on the nut, and make it set for some time, preferably four hours. Repeat this every four hours until the next day. Then loosen the nut using the wrench.


6. Keep in mind that usually, if the nut is already tightly attached to a plumbing fixture, it is so hard to take out that you may need to use more tools to do so. Instead of using more tools to remove the nut yourself, contact a plumber in your region to do this for you. This is because you may end up damaging the fixtures or pipes near the tightly-lodged nut, worsening the problem and forcing you to spend more to sort out the resulting collateral damage. In addition, you might also hurt yourself in the process.


These are the steps you need to follow when loosening or taking out a nut on any plumbing pipe or fixture in your home or office. Remember to always exercise safety precautions when working on anything that has to do with plumbing to avoid injuring yourself.