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Rusty Water: How Professional Plumbers Can Help in Addressing This Problem


Are you familiar of rusty water? Are you worried about its implications on your health as well as the other family members using the water supply in your house? Are there ways of eliminating the rust in your water system? If you want to know all the answers to these questions, then you should continue reading this article.

What Is Rusty Water?

As the term implies, it is the reddish-brown or brown substances found in your drinking water as well as the other water supplied by the water pipes in your house. It is easy to spot rust in the water by filling up a glass with tap water and immersing a piece of white paper onto it. When the paper contains brownish or reddish-brown residue, then you have rusty water. If the water is already brown, then be sure to call your emergency plumber right away to have this problem fixed before problems arise.

What Causes Rust in Water?

Rust is formed when oxygen interacts with iron. The oxidation of iron resulted to the formation of rust in the water supply. In some instances rust is found in water because of contamination from the corroded iron pipes used in the water pipes. Though, minimal traces of rust is not detrimental to our health, it is disadvantageous to our clothing. If you don’t want to see the presence of rust in your drinking water or your water supply, then hire an experienced and dependable plumber to have your water pipes replace and protected from corrosion. At present, there are lots of methods used by plumbers to eradicate rusty water and some are showcased below.

Techniques Carried Out By Plumbers to Remove Rust from the Water

Only dependable plumbers know how to remove the iron from the water. What they usually do is to install water softener in your water line to remove some of the iron from your potable water. There are also different types of salts which can be incorporated in the water to improve the water quality. Be sure not to do these measures on your own as these require careful analysis and chemistry as to the percentage of iron present in the water and the amount of salts needed to remove rusty water.

To further filter rust from your system and to ensure the production of quality water, they also install filters in certain areas of your home such as your kitchen and bathroom faucet and shower heads. As the name implies, these filters will sieve and will filter out rust particles from your water lines.

If you want to rehabilitate your water pipes and to remove rusty water produced by it, then you are advised to hire only experienced, accredited and trustworthy emergency plumbers to provide this type of service. Opt for those who possess numerous years experience in this type of service and who have accreditation from different government regulators and organizations. Be sure to hire only the best plumber to serve your diverse plumbing needs and issues.