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Signs that your Water Line Needs to be Fixed/Renewed Immediately

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Your water line is an important part of your house. This pipe lining serves as the vessel for plumbing essentials like shower, faucet, bathtub, etc. Living in the house becomes a constant struggle without this plumbing component. If it has any problems, it must be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. However, it may be challenge for some people to know if the pipes in their house are damaged or not. Fortunately for you, we compiled the top and alarming signs that a water line has become damaged or dysfunctional.


Impure or Discoloured Water

The most obvious sign of a damaged or penetrated sewer line is discoloured or impure water coming out from the plumbing fixtures. It could be that the pipes are already rusty or corroded. Another possibility is that the pipes have cracks and thus, soil is able to enter into the water stream. You can easily determine if the pipes are corroded or rusty since it has metallic and brown particles in the water, while the soil-filled water line has mushy brown grains and dirt coming out from the water. Call your plumber immediately; delaying the repair will further harm your plumbing system and water line.


The water pressure is way too low

There are a number of reasons why your water pressure isn’t strong as it used to be. One of the possibilities is that the faucet or showerhead is broken. Corroding pipes is also another reason for a weak water flow. But a common reason why it’s low is that the pipes have cracks and are continually leaking. The pipes must be fixed immediately as losing a great volume of water can amp up your utility bills. Also, before calling a plumber to fix the problem, check the water pressure regulator first. Sometimes an unhinged pressure valve is the cause of low pressure.


The lawn is drenched even during warm season

This is a less obvious sign since it can be difficult to pick up. Aside from that, most homeowners rarely check the outdoor area of their home for leaks. Don’t bother with this indicator if it’s rainy season since you won’t have any clear evidence. Anyway, If you have seen a drenched or soaked lawn/backyard even though there hasn’t been any rain for quite some time, then there’s a high possibility that the water line underground is having a massive leak. Underground leaks are more common than you think and it’s often ignored since people tend to focus on the plumbing lines inside the house. Digging the lawn to fix the broken pipe is very risky, call a professional plumber instead.



Plumbers can offer you the best solutions when it comes to water line repair or replacement. However, ask plumbing services if applying pipe relining (trenchless rehabilitation method) is viable. Pipe relining is the perfect solution for long term pipe repairs without the risk of heavy excavation.