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Ways to Minimise the Detrimental Effects of Water Erosion Due to Faulty Water Pipes

Time and again, water has already proven its destructive power throughout nature. Water erosion can happen in smaller scale in the yard due to your broken or cracked pipes. The leaking underground water from the disruptive pipes may undermine the stability of your lawn or garden beds. It can even cause movement in some structures in your property like sheds, retaining walls or fencing.

However, most homeowners are likely unaware of the leaks in their pipes until severe devastation has already happened. There is nothing to worry about because there are several signs you may consider, which may indicate any damage in your pipes. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Turn off all the taps inside and outside your home then inspect your mains water meter. You probably have a leak in your mains water pipe when the meter continues ticking over and recording water flow. This actually requires you to contact your local plumber to look for and resolve the pressurised pipe leak.
  2. Garden plants or trees grow faster, in pace similar to the other plants.
  3. You will notice occurrence of depressions in your lawn and even with water pooling at times.
  4. You can see damp patches around your yard during the seasons or periods without rain.
  5. There are warped paving and cracked cement pathways in your property.
  6. Fouling odours emitted from the drains installed around the house.

Necessary, quick action is definitely imperative if these circumstances happened around your home to avoid expansive damage on your property. Bear in mind that compromised pipes may result in:

  1. The entry of debris or dirt into the pipe, which may accumulate at the bottom and cause blockages
  2. The intrusion of roots from a bush or tree following the water produced by the cracked pipe and increasing the size of the crack and eventually clog the drain.
  3. The area surrounding the break can be washed away and may create holes in the lawn or garden, same effect with the sinkhole.

Broken Pipe Repairs

Fortunately, pipe leaks can now be easily repaired through the help of pipe repair professionals and often without excavating the ground or yard. A CCTV drain camera is usually used in passing through the pipe to locate the exact location and the extent of the crack. The repair is usually performed using a pipe patch that is passed along your drain and then cured in place so that durable and solid barrier inside the old pipe will be formed.