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What to Do Before Calling an Emergency Plumber


Plumbing emergency can happen to anyone, anytime. Not all plumbing issues should be attended at midnight at high cost typically charged by an emergency plumber. There are many ways to find out what has to be done in certain plumbing problem.

In case a sound coming from running water wakes you up in the middle of the night, what will you do?

Below are some points you have to consider to properly assess the issue and what measures to take to deal with them:

Finding and Turning Off the Water

The initial stop you must do here is to find the main source of your water supply at home and turn it off so that no further damage will result. Shut off the water supply to the fixture where water is clearly running out. You may turn off water supply valve at the meter if you find it difficult to determine the main source.

Assessing the Urgency of Plumbing Issue

Before getting to your phone to call a 24 hour plumber, evaluate first the urgency of the plumbing repair. Just shut the water off to stop disruption from an overflowing toilet and its fixture can wait until you do not flush it. Usually, any type of localised plumbing issues can wait until the following morning provided that the water to the problem area can be turned off. you can prevent paying for a service call premium charged on holiday, Sunday or wee hour service when you will be able to make it due until morning.

Check with Your Water Company

Never assume responsibility for the repair of your plumbing problem. Make the first call to your water company if your problem involves a service line break, sewer blockage, mainline break, or sewer man whole problems. Sometimes, the company will offer an emergency service to respond to plumbing emergency situations. You have to contact and see what it covers then schedule for any qualifying repairs.

Call for an Emergency Plumber of Plumbing Service Provider

Prepare to contact an emergency plumber if the issue cannot wait for more hours to be repaired. It would be a smart idea to determine the issue closely and note what is functioning and what is not. Check the other affected fixtures in your house if your toilet is overflowing. Make a list of possible questions to ask to a 24-hour plumber.

  • Contact as many plumbers as possible. Get their quotes before setting schedule for a service call as the price range can be valuable.
  • Ask a quote for the service call made. Ask for the rate way ahead of time since there will be charge for coming out.
  • Provide particular details of your plumbing issue. The plumber can better estimate the repair’s cost if more details are given.
  • Ask for an estimate of repair cost. Give an idea to the plumber on your problem as not everyone will give quote through phone call.

With the information provided above, there is a great possibility that you emergency plumbing will be dealt with and fixed immediately.