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What to Do If the Sink Leaks Underneath

fixing_a_sink_igxjwPlumbing leaks are a very common problem, especially in old houses. If you find water that drips or pools under the sink, you might feel the need to call a reputed plumbing company to help you. Although it makes sense due to the fact that plumbers of those companies are most likely very knowledgeable and skilled in the field, this is a problem that you yourself can fix. Just make sure that you know what exactly the cause of the problem is before trying to fix it.

A bad connection or a p-trap problem are the most common reasons why this problem happens, and highlighted below are the different steps you should do to fix them.

How to Fix Pipe Connections to Fix Leaks

You need to seal the tap plate and sink. You can seal the sink by running a silicone bead around the sink periphery. When doing this, use smooth and even movements. Any excess must be removed by wiping the sink with a rag. If not sealed, you can pry the face plate open, and once you have done this, apply putty around the plate’s edges before re-affixing the plate. Any excess putty should be wiped away immediately.

Turn the water off and put a pail under the sink, then take out both trap and tailpipe. To do this, you just need to connect pliers through the drain and a basin wrench to the nut found under the sink. This part of the task requires two people, so get someone to help you out. Each of you should twist in opposite directions so the nut loosens.

The pipe which runs through the wall should then be disconnected. Be attentive to the placement of the pipes so you do not have a hard time replacing them, and if you find broken and cracked plumbing components while disconnecting them, replace them.

All threads should be wound with plumbing tape. Once you have done this, reconnect the pipes with new nuts and washers, making sure to tighten them. Afterwards, turn the water on and look for leaks. Any problems you find might be due to a leak deep within the wall.

Trap Replacement

Turn off the water via the valve found under the sink. Place a flashlight under the sink so that you can see the whole area properly, and a bucket directly under the trap so the floor does not get flooded. With a wrench, loosen all nuts, and then remove them by hand.

Wrap all trap and drain pipe threads with plumbing tape, making sure to do so three times to create a perfect seal once the slip nuts have been tightened. Keep in mind that plumbers’ tape is not sticky, and so it is not that hard to remove if a pipe needs replacing.

Completely tighten all slip nuts. Then turn on the water again and check for leaks by turning the sink tap on and letting water flow freely. If you find a leak, there is a good chance that the nuts aren’t tight enough.