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Experiencing a plumbing emergency? Don’t panic and contact a certified plumber. At Plumber Granville, we are committed in providing affordable plumbing services with premium quality. Our emergency plumbers are experienced in handling several types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Leaks or burst pipes

  • Hot water emergencies

  • Blocked drains

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Plumbing Emergency Granville

Zane was on a mission to repair the dripping garden tap in Granville. His wife had been bugging him for weeks to do something about it however he always seemed to have something else to do that was more important. Carla was going away on a girls weekend so Zane promised her that he would have the tap fixed by the time she returned.

Zane helped load his wife’s bags into her friend’s car and waved the excited friends off. He decided that he should go to the hardware store now and fix the tap so that he wouldn’t leave it to the last minute. He talked to the sales assistant and purchased a quarter turn garden tap that did not require a washer.

Her returned home and turned off the water main and set to work. In the meantime his mates had arrived for a surprise visit. Hey Zane they shouted, mind if we use your BBQ? Zane smiled widely as he saw his three friends carrying an esky containing meat and beer.

One of his friends walked towards him to see what he was doing. “Have you ever changed one of these taps before?” He said that he hadn’t but he was sure it was easy and he was on a mission to fix it before his wife returned.

The tap was tough to get off so Zane had to use a bit of strength to remove it. As he gave the wrench one more turn with all his might snap the pipe broke off. This was not the outcome he had expected and he was not happy that he would have to now call someone to repair the broken pipe.

“Hey Wayne, you know any good Plumbers in Granville?” Wayne wandered over to Zane and said, “So what is wrong?” Zane pointed to the broken pipe, “This” he exclaimed.

Wayne nodded and flicked through the list of contacts on his phone. “Your Neighbourhood Plumber Granville, these are the guys I used last time and they were fantastic, I’ll call them for you.”

Wayne relayed all of the details of the job and plumber arrived a short time later and wasted no time repairing the pipe, replacing the garden tap and restoring water. Zane’s mates offered the plumber a steak sandwich which he declined but he did grab a can of soft drink.

Whatever the emergency our plumbers are ready to help you, call 0411 230 221. Our Granville Emergency Service operates seven days per week, 24 hours a day.

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5 Tips in Preventing Frozen Pipes

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Shocking Facts about Plumbing

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What to Do Before Calling an Emergency Plumber

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6 Factors to Consider When Looking for Emergency Plumbing Services

Most of the homeowners these days tend not to think about an emergency plumbing service until they needed one. In situations like this, every minute counts, so certain things should be considered before getting a plumber so you will not be surprised of the incurred charges and to have self-protection. Licensing Ask your prospective plumbers…

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Rusty Water: How Professional Plumbers Can Help in Addressing This Problem

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How to Loosen Nuts on Plumbing Fixtures

Loosening nuts on plumbing fixtures may be easily done using a wrench. However, it can be hard if the nut is lodged in place. Nuts can get stuck if they have been placed too tight or if lime, rust, or calcium deposits built up around it, causing it to get stuck there. Regardless, some amount…

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Homeowners Insurance and Your Plumbing

Home owners insurance is supposed to secure you against misfortunes that may happen because to your house. Since sudden pipes issues really are a standout and among probably the most well-known reason behind harm, it’s important to know the relationship between home owners insurance as well as your plumbing.

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Difference Between a Plumber and Gasfitter

The main difference from a plumber and gasfitter would be the accreditation in addition to licenses these people have plus the fact that qualified to do the job legally. Generally the plumber can be a gasfitter, but gasfitters will not always be a plumber.

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