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3 Factors that Can Cause Water Heater Explosions

plumbergranville 3 Factors that Can Cause Water Heater Explosions

One thing that we don’t want to happen is to see our appliances explode. This situation doesn’t just turn your house into rubble but it could also cause some serious injuries to the family members. That’s why we should always check our water heater to know if there are any complications or if it has already reached its end. Also, with maintenance, you will lengthen the service lifespan of the unit. This makes you save more money from investing in a new water heater unit.

Incorrect installation procedures

There are two main factors that result to a water heater explosion. The first one is hiring unlicensed plumbers to install your water heater system. Before hiring a plumber, try to check if there are licensed to ensure the safety of your household. The second one is when your conduct the installation procedure all by yourself. You might want to DIY the installation due to expensive installation cost, however, you must also consider the risk that may happen. With these two factors, an explosion is inevitable. However, before it happens, here are some signs that indicate the heater wasn’t properly installed:

• If you see that the fittings are soldered. This is the usual mistake people, who aren’t licensed and homeowners who prefer DIY, commit. Soldering the fittings will melt all plastic components especially if the heat is directly applied above the unit. This could create a serious damaged to the water heater.

• Improper installation of the unit’s controls.

• Corrosion will result in an electric shortage. Thus, gas will leak that will probably lead to an explosion.
Damaged pressure relief valve

One of the causes of an explosion is because of the pressure that accumulated and wasn’t able to release by the pressure relief valve. There will be too much pressure when the temperature was too high compared to the suggested temperature range. In our water heater unit, the pressure relief valve serves as a security valve that is used when the temperature within the unit exceeds to 210 degrees Fahrenheit or it could be used when the pressure reaches 50 psi.

Lack of regular maintenance

Similar to other amenities we have at home, our water heater unit should always be checked and maintained once in a while. There are a lot of situations that could result the unit to explode. For instance, the water that is provided to you by the municipal may have residuals in it. As they flow within your water tank, they travel up until to its base and become an insulator that will stop the burner of the unit from heating the water. With this, the unit needs extra time to heat the water. Usually, this results the unit to overheat and explode. Furthermore, you might also need to check the components in the unit for they might have damages most especially the pressure relief valve. The conducting a maintenance to your water heater will surely avert you from future problems. Also, this will help detect minor damages the can still be repaired.