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5 Signs Indicating Water Heater Replacement

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Some of us have already experience facing water heater issues. One or two repairs should mend the solution, however, if the problems keep on coming back, then it would be best to consider your last resort, which is to purchase a new water heater for your household. There are certain signs that indicate that you need to do and here the following:

  1. Rusty-coloured water

If you notice that your water heater is producing a rusty-coloured water lately, this is an indication that you need a water heater unit. If the rusty water is coming from the pipework of the hot portion of the water heater, this indicates that the unit is corroded and may create leak issues any time soon.

Most of the time, the rust comes from the galvanised steel pipes that you are using. However, if you find it expensive to buy a new heater, here is a thing you can: Drain a few gallons of hot water out of the unit. If still see that the water is rusty, this indicates the problem occur not because of the piping but because of the water heater itself. This is an indication of deterioration and will cause other unit problems in the future.

  1. Age

If your water heater unit has been providing you with hot water for 12 years, most expert recommends that this unit should be replaced. Most of the time, you can see the age of the unit on the serial number written on the manufacturer’s sticker that usually adheres to the top portion of the tank. Also, always remember that a water heater unit only lasts for 10-15 years.

  1. Usage and water quality

The kind of water you’re using in your home impacts the lifespan of your amenities at home. For instance, if you’re using a hard water, expect that the minerals it contains will accumulate within the tank and affect the operation of the unit. The sediments and mineral hinder the burner from heating the water. Thus, the heating process takes longer than usual.

  1. Moisture around the water heater

Moisture can be found in the unit because of the leaks or fractures on the surface of the pipe. As the water heating begins its heating process, usually, the tank will expand. On the other hand, if there are already fractures, this will the unit’s tank to leak. Keep in mind that before you consider replacing your water heater unit, you must check first the connections or fitting for it might be just a simple loose parts.

  1. Inconsistent temperature

The most recommended water temperature within the tank is in the range of 115-120 Fahrenheit. However, ┬áif you’re experiencing an inconsistent temperature in the water, your water heater element or your thermostat is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. Try to test the heater by setting it to your desired temperature and if it still gives you an inconsistent temperature, try to call and ask a licensed plumber about the issue. If the expert says you need to replace, do it immediately for it’s much better to purchase a brand new heater than spend your money on future water heater repair services.