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7 Common Problems with Gas Water Heaters

plumbergranville Gas water heater

Gas water heaters are one of the few types of water heater tanks. It’s reliable but just like any other equipment, it can be prone to damage due to no maintenance,  wear and tear, and age. There are cases when it all it needs is a few troubleshoots to make it functional again.


The article will also provide some tips on how to resolve the issues but before you try to repair the tank, make sure that: you turned off the water heater power by shutting down the fuse or circuit breaker that powers the water heater. The pilot control valve should also be set to “pilot”. Lastly, turn off the water supply of the water heater.


Not Enough Hot Water


There are many possible causes of having minimal hot water, this includes: problems with the gas supply, the unit size not being capable to match the hot water demands of the household, sub par plumbing installation, and a broken dip tube.


Here are the possible solutions for this problem:

*The gas water heater can’t keep up with the supply demand. Generally, water heater tanks should only contain hot water that’s 75% of its total capacity.     


*The flame should be suitable with the burner used. Here are two examples: the flame of natural gas should be bright blue and have yellow tips, and propane flame must have blue-green flames and also have yellow tips.


No Hot Water


Generally, the problem with having no hot water is caused by an equipment malfunction of the gas pilot, pilot control valve, and/or thermocouple. The troubleshooting tips are basically installing a new pilot control valve as well as the thermocouple. Before you plan on replacing the thermocouple, try to reposition or clench it tightly and see if the water heater is able to produce hot water.  


Rusty and Coloured Water


Rusting is present in the internal system of the tank or it could be that the anode rod has expired. Simply remove the old and rusty anode rod and install a brand new one. The anode rod serves as the first line of defence against rusting.


Strong Rumbling Noise


This is caused by the hot water boiling debris piles in the tank. The solution is quite simple: flush the water heater to get rid of the debris and sediments.  


Rotten Egg Odour


Bacteria is present in the tank after the deterioration of the anode rod. Pour hydrogen peroxide into the tank and leave it for two hours. Flush the water heater after the designated time.


Water Leaks on the Tank


The possible reasons of a leaking water tank include: damaged relief valve, overheating, and too much water pressure. What you can do when the tank is overheating is to lower the thermostat. Repairing or reinstalling the valve is another possible solution.


The Pilot Light Fades Easily

It could be that the thermocouple is malfunctioning or has a low gas pressure. You should try cleaning and unclogging the pilot light. If the pilot light still doesn’t sustain its light then you need to replace it.