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The 4 Kinds of Anode Rod that you should know

plumber granville The 4 Kinds of Anode Rod that you should knowAn anode rod is a very important part of a water heating system as it defends the other internal parts that are submerged in water from rusting and other forms of corrosion. Without the anode rod, the inner parts of the water heater are very vulnerable to rusts. A major sign that your water heater’s anode rod is already rusting is when the system is pumping out discoloured or brown water into the plumbing fixtures. You shouldn’t wait for this to happen since it means that the anode rod is already too corroded. When replacing an anode rod; you need to be aware that there are different kinds and that each one has unique properties and characteristics. Discover the most commonly used anode rods below and find one that best suits your current needs.

Magnesium type anode rods

These types of rods are actually the most installed among new and modern water heaters. This is because it doesn’t contain any harmful substances and is very effective in keeping the water heater free from rusts. It does have a major downside though; magnesium anode rods don’t work too well in areas that have a hard water supply. Hard water contains a lot of mineral content and degrades the quality of the magnesium anode rod quite fast. Also, you should be careful not to put magnesium rods on a water heater lining that has corrosion since this can cause a chemical reaction in which the tank will have leaks. Another problem with magnesium is that it tends to produce an awful odour since it can’t control bacterial growth in the tank.

Aluminium type anode rods

Aluminium rods were very common in the past because of how effective it’s in keeping rust away from the water heater. In fact, it can keep up with heating systems that have a hard water supply. However, there are aluminium anode rods that are cheaply made and thus; provide little protection. The reason why aluminium isn’t widely used in modern water heaters is because of some health issue linked with it. Drinking water that’s exposed to aluminium can possibly lead to diseases; there are even cases in which aluminium was linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Zinc type anode rods

This rod isn’t purely made of zinc as it also contains aluminium. If your water heater is constantly producing a sulphur odour then you might want to use zinc anode rods. Zinc is able to lower the bacteria present in the water heater. It may not completely eliminate the bacteria and fully stop the odour but it can definitely help in reducing both of them.

Combination type anode rods

This is a very unique anode rod since it’s a combination of common materials like aluminium, tin, and zinc. The main feature of combination anode rods is that it’s not only effective in protecting the water heater parts; it also helps control or eliminates odours produced by bacteria. The zinc composition helps in controlling the growth of bacteria because it’s a natural inhibitor. The problem is that it has aluminium meaning there are certain health issues present as what was discussed earlier.