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Water Heater Problems you Need to Be Cautious of

plumbergranville Water Heater Problem

Any type of water heater will eventually face problems; no matter how top notch the quality. It’s just like any other machinery that degrades as time passes on. Fortunately, there are warranties that are offered together with purchasing a heating system. Anyway, listed below are some of the water heater problems that you need to be cautious of.  


The heating system becomes overloaded

Your water heater can actually become overloaded if it continually produces hot water even if the system won’t be able to generate anymore. This situation is common in households in which there are a lot of people who uses a lot of hot water while the heating system can barely keep up with the demand. If the water heater becomes too burdened in keeping up with the demand, then it will likely break or have a lower lifespan. If it’s impossible to lower the hot water usage you may need to get another heating system that is much bigger and capable of supplying a lot of hot water or just add another heating unit.  


The tank amass a lot of minerals

This is a problem if your local water supply has a lot of hard water. This hard water is composed of lots of minerals. But the main causes of build-up in water heaters are calcium and magnesium. If these minerals continue to gather, it will form into a scaly deposit at the bottom of the tank. This mineral deposit can actually lower the generation of hot water and even diminish some of the important inner parts of the water heater. You can stop the minerals from amassing by simply flushing the tank every year. There is also another way to minimise the build-up by installing a water softener in your plumbing system. The water softener converts the mineral content of the water to small amounts of salt.


The water from the tank has nauseating odour

This is mainly because there is bacterial growth in the tank. Periodic flushing of the water heater and keeping the temperature above 322k are the two ways you can kill the bacteria. Having pathogen growth in your water heater is very detrimental and can even become life-threatening.


Water is not hot enough

The problem is probably with the thermostat of the heating system. First of all, check the settings of the thermostat if it’s in the desired temperature. During the cold season, you may have to raise the temperature to keep having adequate hot water. If ever the heating unit still doesn’t generate enough hot water then there the thermostat might be broken. Let a plumbing expert or a hot water specialist check the component.    


Loud noises coming from the tank

One of the primary reasons why there are loud noises coming from the water heater is the sediment or minerals that are building up in the tank. It seems sediment does cause a lot of serious issues to the water heater so be sure to take care of it by flushing at least once a year. There is another reasons why this is happening and it could be that the heating element is being incinerated and causing sounds. A check-up from a qualified professional can shed light on component issues of the heating system.