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Trees are essential in making a city more healthy and sustainable. They offer a lot of benefits including improvement in the air quality, reduction in the stormwater runoff and enhancement of the visual elements of a street. Despite its benefits, trees can negatively impact the function of sewer lines.

In Sydney, blocked drains are primarily caused by tree root intrusion. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this problem. Here are just a few:

  • Ageing sewer system
  • Ground movement from residential or commercial development
  • Weakness or fragility at the joints of earthenware pipes

Root intrusion can be costly for homeowners as they can cause sewer pipes to crack or break. Traditional methods of rehabilitating sewer pipes require deep excavations making it a less appealing choice for homeowners. Fortunately, Plumber Granville is offering a permanent solution to tree root intrusion – pipe relining.

Pipe relining is a trenchless method of repairing sewer pipes without the need for deep excavations. Manholes or existing access points are only required for rehabilitating sewer pipes. The process of pipe relining involves coating the interior of the damaged pipe with a lining material.

3 Phases of Pipe Relining

Phase One – Preparing the Sewer Line

The problem with the sewer line is identified and located by video inspection using a CCTV drain camera. High pressure water blasting may be done before and after video inspection depending on the clarity within the sewer line. The sewer line must be completely clean before the lining material is installed on the damaged pipe.

Phase Two – Installing the Liner

The lining material is prepared based on the acquired measurements. A resin mixture made of polyester and polyurethane is poured into a fiberglass cloth. The cloth tube is rolled for a couple of times to ensure complete resin impregnation. Then, the liner is loaded into an air inverter ready for inversion. Using air pressure, the liner is blown inside out coating the interior of the damaged pipe. Next, the liner will be cured with or without the help of steam or hot water depending on the size of the host pipe.

Phase Three – Evaluating the Relined Pipe

Once the liner has been installed and cured, video inspection will be performed again to ensure the quality of the pipe relining job. This will ensure that the relined pipe is free from leaks and any defects in the lining.

Key Benefits of Pipe Relining

    Fast installation – a pipe relining job can be completed within a day, causing less disruption

    Less intrusive – pipe repair can be done without digging

    Low overall cost – preserves your lawn, saving you time and money for restoring the landscaping

    Prevents root intrusion – the relined pipe is joint-less, giving your 100% protection against root intrusion

    Long-lasting – the strength of the lining materials are guaranteed to give a life expectancy of up to 50 years!

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3 Common Types of Resin for Pipe Relining

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2 Main Classes of Pipe Bursting

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7 Major Benefits of Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is an advanced technology in repairing sewer pipes. This is a pipe repair procedure wherein digging is not required. When you opt for pipe bursting, you’ll be enjoying a lot of advantages. You got your repair done just as the traditional way of repairing sewer pipes. But the thing is, there are a…

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6 Benefits Offered by UV Lining

Sewer pipes are noticeable prone to damages because of varied factors, making them incapable and ineffective for their obligation. When these problems notably arise, many of us would opt for economical yet quality repairs rather than undertaking conventional sewer pipe repair procedures and carrying the burden, inconvenience and costly labours it bears. Modern day plumbing…

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4 Types of Pipe Bursting Methods

Pipe bursting is tagged as the trenchless method when it comes to sewer lines repair. It is a new way of replacing an entire existing sewer line. Fixing a sewer line can’t be one of your DIY projects but you have to at least know what they are and how they are done. Pipe bursting…

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5 Key Facts About Pipe Relining

It is said that pipe relining, also called as cure in place pipe (CIPP) patching, is a process that uses newer, smaller-diameter pipes that are fitted into the older and larger-diameter defective pipes without the need of digging. Here, the reasons why this process is used and opted by most Australians according to the plumping…

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Replacing Underground Pipes with Trenchless Pipe Replacement

The drain pipe that runs underground is frequently subjected to several harsh elements without our knowledge. Pipes that run beneath the ground are often disregarded as we are unable to see them, while pipes inside our homes can be insulated to make sure they do not freeze during winter. However, underground pipes are constantly in…

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