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3 Probable causes of a Blocked Main Sewer Line

plumbergranville main-sewer-line-clog If you heard odd noises coming from your drains and when flushing the toilet, noticed that a few solid and liquid wastes are coming from your sink drains, or toilet overflows, then your home is having a clogged sewer line. Removing the obstructions may or may not require thorough work, depending how serious the clog is. Some of you might want to stop sewer line blockage from happening to your house, but you must know how a sewer clog occurs. Here are some of the probable causes why your main sewer line is blocked.

1. Flushing objects into the toilet that may cause clogs

A prevalent cause of a sewer and toilet clog are the number of objects that are stuck on the pipes. These supposed items shouldn’t be flushed in the first place, but it’s a habit for some people to treat their toilets as the comfort room’s garbage can. Some items that are commonly found in severely blocked sewer pipes include diapers, tampons, oils, grease, cat litter, and among other objects. If ever toilet overflow occurs and such items go back up, be prepared for an abhorrent odour and torrent of wastewater. Fortunately, the only thing you need to do is to prevent yourself from flushing down random stuff into the toilet. There’s also been an issue with “disposable” wipes that has become a staple in sewer line clogs. Just remember that an item being “disposable” may be flushed in the toilet but it can still cause obstructions if it gets stuck.

2. Plant roots

Some people have no idea that the roots from their plantation can actually cause a sewer line clogs or even stop the entire operation of the sewer system if the roots are left to grow. This happens when the roots are able to infiltrate the pipeline through voids or cracks on the outer pipe lining or by puncturing through a weak pipeline. Once the roots have entered the pipes, it will use the water and soil to nurture the tree and keep growing until it finally overruns the whole sewer line. The best way to avoid this problem is by planting the trees far from the sewer pipes as possible. Removing the roots may require extraction of the pipes, chemical solutions, or uprooting the tree source of the roots. There are trees and shrubs that are safe to plant on your backyard since the roots don’t go too deep and their roots are not invasive.

3. Creating plumbing connections on your own

DIY is a great way to save some money and to learn more on how to repair basic plumbing problems on your own, but there are times in which it can be deemed illegal. There are instances in which creating DIY sump pump or drainage system and connecting to a sewer pipe line can be considered illegal and even cause clogs. Illegal connections are very dangerous not only to yourself but your neighbours as well since the joint connection might be improperly installed and cause sewage wastes to overflow and leak.