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3 Various Types of Sewer Systems

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The sewer systems are one of the things that need proper cleaning, maintenance, treatment and care. When the moment comes that you’ll live someplace else, you won’t always have the same type of sewer system from your previous home or community. That is why it is important to know this basic information when you are a new resident of a community since this can affect not only your health but also the health of your family. The types of sewer systems vary in different local areas according to their materials and if that system is conducive for that certain area. However, there are ways on how to pinpoint those types and one way of knowing them is by reading on.

  1. Separate Sewer System. This type of sewer system is for the separation of the sanitary sewage and the stormwater, hence the name. It also carries both the domestic and industrial wastewater off into two sets of sewers separately. The separate system is good when there is an immediate need to collect the sanitary sewage and when the sewage is in need of treatment. In this manner, the collection and treatment of the sanitary sewage can be performed without the possibility of disrupting the process of the stormwater in the separate sewer.

  1. Combined Sewer System. The combined sewer system is for carrying both the sanitary sewage and the stormwater without having the need to separate them. The two can be carried off into the wastewater even though they are combined because both the sewage can be disposed of together without treatment. It is also good to use if both the sanitary sewage and stormwater are in immediate need of treatment. There are times that this type of system is used in areas where the streets are so narrow that two separate sewers are not advisable for installation.

  1. Partially Combined/Separated Sewer System. In an area where give-and-take is q prime, then they are probably using the partially combined/separated sewer system as this can perform both the abilities of the separate and combined sewer systems. This type allows some portion of the stormwater and the sanitary sewage to be carried along together for treatment and for disposal. Most of the urban areas make use of this system as it is very efficient in supervising the sewer’s functions and processes.

If you have already distinguished the type of sewer system that your community or area is employing, then good for you! You can be rest assured that you won’t have to deal with community sanitary matters. However, if you are still opting for another one because you’re not comfortable with the system you already have, you first need to consult your local authorities for such matters are indeed serious and is not advisable to be carried out without having proper procedures and approaches. By the time you are done taking care of vital matters for your new home, you go ahead and grab the remote and watch that movie you’ve been thinking of over the last few days.