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3 Vital Tips for Maintaining a Sewer Line


Plumbing disasters can happen anytime. Unluckily, there are some issues that occur due to natural disasters or worse are the lack of maintenance. If your plumbing system does not show any sign of damages, it does not mean that it’s okay not to pay much attention to it. You need to have your system checked regularly to avoid plumbing issues from occurring. To help you with that, here are 3 vital tips for maintaining a sewer line.


  1. Have the old pipes replaced

If you have been living in your house for a very long time, one thing that you must check first is the sewer line. Once you notice that your pipes are past its service lifespan, have it replaced as soon as possible. Old pipes are known to get damaged easily since it is not made of high-quality materials but are made of unreliable materials. Have the out-dated pipes replaced as soon as possible to avoid severe plumbing issues from occurring. A wise and practical idea for a homeowner is to have the pipes got through pipe relining. This is the best way than to have them replaced. Relining is more effective and is advised by most plumbing contractors. This method uses high-quality materials such as the liners which are 10 times sturdier and harder compared to the existing pipe.


  1. Keep the drains in good condition

As a homeowner, you must be careful on the things that go down your drain. Be mindful that anything that is washed down in your drain will go directly to your sewer pipes. There are certain things that must be avoided in the drain such as oily substances, starchy foods, hard materials and many others. Fatty substances must not be washed down as it can cause blockages in the drain pipes. It may be liquid but as time goes by, it sticks to the wall of the pipes making the passageway of liquid small. The best way to avoid spending much for the costly repairs and replacements is by making sure that the wastes are not washed down in the drain. Instead, have these wastes properly disposed and segregated in a trash bin. Another thing is by cleaning your drains regularly after every use. You can simply pour hot water into the drain to avoid waste build-ups and to remove fatty substances in the drain.


  1. Consider the position of the plants

The position of the plants must also be considered in maintaining a sewer line in good condition. The reason why you must consider this factor is because there are some plants that have fast grown roots. These roots have the ability to enter your sewer pipes. Once the roots can’t get enough supply of nutrients, it will find its way to the pipes as the pipe has an abundant supply of nutrients in it. For you to avoid this issue, you must know the kind of plants that can be planted near your sewer lines to avoid problems. Choose the trees that can cause less damage to your plumbing system.