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4 Types of Pipe Bursting Methods

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Pipe bursting is tagged as the trenchless method when it comes to sewer lines repair. It is a new way of replacing an entire existing sewer line. Fixing a sewer line can’t be one of your DIY projects but you have to at least know what they are and how they are done. Pipe bursting is just one of the methods in sewer line repairs and the following are the 4 types of pipe bursting methods:

Static Pipe Bursting

Gas and water pipelines that are made up of steel and ductile iron are usually the ones that are repaired through static pipe bursting. The static pipe bursting is quite easy and efficient to conduct. During the process, a horizontal winch serves as a high-powered hydraulic jack. This method is commonly used for pipes that are 4” – 48” in diameter and uses bladed rollers in splitting the old pipe while simultaneously replacing it.

Hydraulic Pipe Bursting

The ductile iron and steel that make up the gas and water pipelines have created a limitation to the pipe repairs for years. But with the help of the new technology, hydraulic pipe bursting has made it possible to break through and replace the iron and steel pipelines. This type of bursting is executed from manhole to manhole. This method breaks the pipes from the inside through the use of a bursting head which depends on the hydraulic cylinders to be able to expand itself. The more the bursting head expands, the quicker the pipes get replaced as the winch pull the pipe forward.

Pneumatic Pipe Bursting

This method uses a jackhammer-like bursting head to replace an old pipeline with a new one as the head breaks through the soil, leaving a hole behind it for the new pipe to be installed through the guidance of a winch. The pneumatic pipe bursting is usually applied for gravity and pressure pipes that need replacement.

Lateral Pipe Bursting

In this process, either a bursting head or a steel cone is used in breaking the old pipe apart by pulling a new liner through the existing pipe. This method is done in a minimum amount of time and the old pipe can either be replaced with a smaller or bigger liner. This can also minimise possible cable damage when it comes to pipe relining. The lateral pipe bursting commonly uses a special machine called hydraulic rams, a powerful machine that burst most sewers with ease. This machine is light and small enough that you can just position it in your hands.