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5 Prime Reasons to Reline a Pipe

plumber granville reasons to reline pipeYou might think that since pipes are buried underneath the ground, they encounter less damage and problem compared to those that are exposed and above the ground. In truth, the pipes experience the exact opposite of that. Pipes and other plumbing fixtures that are buried underneath the ground experience more problems than the ones on top of the ground. To make things worse, minor problems do not get detected until such time they are big enough to cause major damage and inconveniences to the plumbing system. One of the best measures to fix and/or protect your pipelines is to have them relined. Here are also some of the top reasons why most homeowners spend to reline the pipe works.

1.Corroded Sewer Lines

No matter how sturdy and reliable the materials making up your plumbing system are, it is not entirely resistant to corrosive factors. Corrosion can still have a great deal to do with the deterioration your pipe is likely experiencing. Some homeowners think that corrosion starts on the outer walls of the pipe. In reality, it actually starts inside the pipe through blockage and dirt accumulation or in the spaces between pipes and this should be the prime reason why pipe relining should be done to your pipes especially when it is a supply main.

2.Damaged Sewer Pipes

Pipes are submitted to wear out at some time. Every day the pipe suffers under the imposing stress of the load inside it and the dead load above it. These can be the possible reason behind the reduced structural strength and integrity of the pipes. This could be the reason for pipe break down. Pipes that are lines are at least 10 folds stronger and sturdier than the unlined ones. They can now withstand the pressure inside and outside the pipe and have an increased lifespan of at least 10 years.

3.Blocked Sewer Lines

Sewer line blockages are not foreign to homeowners. This problem usually occurs to any and every kind of sewage system when mismanaged. Some blockages begin in mineral build ups along the pipe walls. By relining the pipe, primary cause of blockage- which is the buildup, is totally wiped out. The epoxy finish has the potential to avoid build up because of its plastic finish.

4.Sagging Pipe

The possibility of a pipe sagging should be one of the prime considerations in choosing a pipe material. Although all pipes are guaranteed to sag under too much pressure, you will need to choose a pipe that has better qualities than the others for prolonged resistance. Upon sagging, the hollowed part in your pipe is the best avenue for build-ups to start. Small waste deposits will grow bigger and bigger until it will completely cover the passageway.
For cases like these, the only option for the homeowner is to have the pipe relined to restore its structural integrity without having to dig up another line. The epoxy lining used as a pipe liner is stronger than the ordinary PVC pipes. It contains an epoxy-finished surface which is smooth and has the quality of being able to resist build-ups along the pipe walls.

5.Intrusive Roots

Root intrusion is a very common occurrence in homes that have trees and other vegetative organisms around it. What makes this problem frustrating is that homeowners have no control over this problem. Once the root penetrated the pipe, it is a nonstop process until it is able to destroy the pipe. However, if the pipe is relined, there will be no entrance points and the walls are too sturdy to be penetrated. The pipe is sealed and seamless making it impossible for roots to penetrate.