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7 Major Benefits of Pipe Bursting

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Pipe bursting is an advanced technology in repairing sewer pipes. This is a pipe repair procedure wherein digging is not required. When you opt for pipe bursting, you’ll be enjoying a lot of advantages. You got your repair done just as the traditional way of repairing sewer pipes. But the thing is, there are a lot of benefits once you choose this method. Here’s a list of the benefits of pipe bursting.

Cost-Effective. Compared to the traditional method of repairing pipes, you can save tons of money through this method. Since a large machine and a few labourers to operate it is all that you need, you’ll be paying less. This method can be done in a matter of hours so the total time of labour that you will be paying is lesser compared to the traditional way. There won’t be a lot of damages to the site while repairing so there is no need to worry about the extra money needed in restoring your landscapes.

Less Damage to the Site. Since digging is not required in this method, there would probably be a less clean up needed after the repair’s done. Need not to worry about your beautiful landscape in your yard since it won’t be affected that much and it won’t have serious damages.

Safe. Excavations are not at all safe. Once you dig up some unhealthy elements found in your home undergrounds such as asbestos and mould, it could be hazardous to your health. But through pipe bursting, where digging up the ground is necessary, you are obviously putting yourself away from harm, which is indeed a great choice.

Less Labour-Intensive. A large machine along with a few labourer is needed in this method to complete the job. Since a machine is used in this method, the work is expected to be through in just a matter of hours. When this happens, you’ll be paying less on the total time of labour. Another thing is, the contractors won’t break their backs in digging up soil. The contractor just needs to exert a little effort to get the work done.

Productivity is Higher. You would still be productive though there are some repairs done in your sewer pipes. The pipe bursting usually takes less than a day to be finished. You just need to give a little time to clean up the mess of the repair. There is no need for you to leave your job and check on the contractor from time to time.

Lifetime Guarantee. High-quality materials are used in this method. This just gives us the idea that once the repair is done, the sewer pipes will have the potential to operate longer than before. Less maintenance and less repair are also needed. Seamless pipes are used in this repair where it can eliminate cracks and root intrusion in pipes.

Increase the Flow Capacity of the Pipe. Pipe bursting has the potential to increase the flow capacity of your pipe. This is achieved by replacing the old one with the same size or a larger pipe. Through this, your pipes can now function properly.