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7 Tools and Equipment Needed for CIPP

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CIPP rehabilitation method have proven that excessive excavation process is no longer necessary in repairing your pipelines. The method creates a pipe within a pipe effect. This means that the damaged pipe will not be extracted and dispose them away. Furthermore, what makes homeowners so into this method is that it reduces the excavations procedure up to 80% thus you won’t have to be concerned of the trenches within your area. In order to make this effective method possible, there are several equipment needed used by contractors.

Here are the following:

CCTV Inspection Ccamera and Truck

In the modern day plumbing companies, they have opted to utilized CCTV camera to conduct sewer inspections. Before any pipe rehabilitation method begins, it’s necessary that your pipes have undergone inspection in order for the contractors to know the condition and to track down other issues such as leaks and obstructions. Aside from the camera, the CCTV inspection truck also helps in determining if the lining installation was perfectly conducted to ensure that the pipes will perform at its best condition.

Cleaning Equipment 

There are various cleaning tool that can be used. On the other hand, the most used of all is the water jetter and the vacuum cleaner truck. The two can get rid of obstructions and root intrusions prior to the rehabilitation procedure. The cleaning procedure starts when the truck releases high pressure water within the pipe to take out the objects and dirt so that CIPP procedure can now start. After, the cleaning tools will be utilized to clean the replacement pipe so that CCTV inspection commences to check if all the pipe issues where mended.

Robotic Cutter

Since there are instances that the host pipe has an intruding lateral connections, a robotic cutter is a necessary tool during these instances. The cutter cuts the connections before the process starts. When the procedure is done, the lining might close the connections and trap sewage and wastewater. With the robotic cutter, it will cut open those connections back.

Support Truck

This truck is used to carry all the necessary equipment needed for the operation to and from the construction site or the chanter. Equipment such as handy tools, consumable materials and heavy equipment are to be transported and carry by the truck which

this equipment that most needed in every work site.

Shooter/Air Inverter

This tool is needed for inverting lining into the host pipe’s interior wall. During the lining method, along with the air inverter is a steam cure procedure to make liner inversion possible. With the liner already inverted, a steam will be permitted to flow inside the pipe

to cure the lining material.

By­pass Pumps

When conducting a pipe rehabilitation method, it is inevitable that sewage will be flowing through even if the installation process of CIPP isn’t done yet. In this situation, by­pass pumps are used to manage the flow if sewage so that it wouldn’t interrupt the ongoing CIPP procedure.

Steam Boiler

As mentioned, steam is needed for curing the liner. That’s whys steam boilers is important in supplying the needed steam for the curing process. The steam boiler can be installed inside the mobile trucks so contractors wouldn’t have a hard time in transporting it to various location sites.