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How to do Simple Sewer Line Upkeep

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The sewer line must always be in working condition and well-maintained for the benefit of your sewer and plumbing system. Failure to stick to a maintenance regimen will result in having a clogged sewer pipe and sewer odours. You really don’t have to do complicated work to keep your sewer line in top condition. Here are some tips on how to do some simple sewer line upkeep.

  • Knowing what to flush or not in your drains

The drains are one of the keys in sewer line maintenance. Besides, everything you dispose into the drains will all go to the sewer pipes. A common culprit of a sewer line clog is the build-up of grease and oils. These are often drained down the kitchen sink, and homeowners often think that it’s okay to do so. Cooking oil, grease, and fats may enter the drain line in a liquid state, but it actually turns into solid form once it’s drained down the sewer line. It’s clear what you need to do: avoid pouring down F.O.G. (fats, oil, & grease) into your drain line, and throw these materials in a separate garbage disposal.

  • Toilet maintenance

Just like the drains in your household, the toilet is also connected to your sewer line, but the difference is that the toilet drain line is far more direct and near the main sewer pipe than the drains. Again, you need to be mindful on what you flush down this plumbing fixture. It’s a common misconception that if an object can be easily flushed, it won’t cause any clogs in the future. Although certain items can be drained down the toilet easily, this can still become a potential obstruction and can even go back up if there is an toilet overflow. Just limit the objects you flush with human wastes and biodegradable toilet paper. If the object you plan on flushing is neither of the two, then you shouldn’t drain it into your toilet and just throw it properly in a garbage disposal unit.

  • Tree root maintenance

Adding greenery to your lawn by placing trees and other plantation is a great way to spruce up your home. However, this can be probably become a problem for your sewer pipes. The roots from the plants may be able to enter the sewer line and cause clogs or even sewer backups. But the thing is, not all plants are capable of such feats since each species have their own unique root behaviour. There are tree species that are safe your sewer pipes since its roots don’t dig too deep or not intrusive, while some trees have gigantic roots which can be a major threat for your pipeline. Aggressive roots aren’t limited to trees; there are also shrub types that can attack your sewer pipes. Siting trees far from your sewer system is the optimal solution.

  • Sewer pipe inspection and maintenance

Your sewer pipes might have a lot of cracks or rusting without you knowing. Call a licensed plumber to get your sewer pipes inspected. Forestalling a sewer line emergency can be done by a sewer pipe examination and repair.