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How to identify if your Sewer Pipes must be Repaired/Replaced

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Your sewer pipes will eventually need to be replaced since it will not last forever. It’s a habit for some homeowners to wait for a major plumbing problem to occur before they check the plumbing system of their house, especially with the sewer system. Among the main reasons why sewer pipes is because of clogs and aged or destroyed sewer pipes. Most sewer line issue can be easily averted if the pipes are repaired or replaced before something happens. This article will help you identify if your sewer pipes must be repaired/replaced.

  • The pipes are too aged

A lot of homeowners often make excuses in delaying the replacement of their old pipes like the process being too expensive or there’s no time for such distractions. However, what they don’t know is that leaving old pipes in the household will not only cause disruption in the future, but also cause major sewage problems like overflow, stoppage, and even sewage going back to their house. It’s of paramount importance for those who are living in old houses to have their pipes inspected. There is a high chance that the sewer pipes in old houses haven’t been replaced and are decaying due to age. Common pipe materials that were used in the past were galvanised steel, cast iron and clay. The metal pipes are actually among the toughest pipe materials available in the market but they tend to corrode badly. Clay on the other hand is invulnerable to corrosion but prone to root attacks. Also, old pipes tend to be heavily corroded and can be easily clogged even with weekly maintenance.

  • The pipeline has leakage and it happens a lot

There are some clear indications that a sewer line is leaking such as: elevated sightings of sewer pests like rodents & cockroaches, damp areas that are supposed to be dry(both indoors and outdoors), sewage smell, etc. To confirm these impressions, a pipe examination should be done. Depending on the severity of the sewer line leaks, the plumber will either advise repairing or just replacing the entire pipes. Of course, if the leaks can be easily patched, there is no need for your whole sewer pipeline to be replaced. Fortunately, there are new formulated methods called trenchless pipe rehabilitation or replacement that allow for a quicker, more effective, and less damaging pipe repair. Be sure to hire the best and licensed plumbers in your area for accurate analysis of the pipes and effective plumbing solutions.

  • Pipes are made of lead or other toxic properties

The whole idea of using lead in the past was that the material has a lifespan of 100 years. This sounded brilliant back in the day, but we all know that a lot of research over the years show how deadly lead can be. There is actually a low chance that your sewer pipes are made of lead but just have it checked, especially if the house is ancient or if you don’t know any of its historical background.