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Pipe Relining vs. Pipe Replacement

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Damaged sewer pipes could a pain in your pocket and head. It would be time consuming and expensive. There are a lot of options on what time of repair would you want. Is it either you want it replaced or relined? There are certain things to consider in comparing pipe relining and pipe replacement which includes cost-effective, durability, disruptions, versatility and length of time. These 5 considerations are explained below.

Cost Effective. The cost of the repair should be the first thing that you want to consider since it will use up your money. Replacing your pipes is half much expensive compared to relining them. Pipe relining is a less invasive process with less destruction to your exterior property. This is a pipe repair technique where it uses a large machine and a few labourers to operate it. This process would only take for less than a day to be finished. With this, you don’t need to spend much money on the total time of labour, its new materials needed and the restoration of your landscape.

Durability. Excavating and replacing pipes are known to be durable but it could be time-consuming and extremely expensive. Materials used in pipe relining are much more sturdy compared to the PVC pipe replacement. Epoxy resins are known to be twice stronger than it is before. This resin is used in pipe relining which would guarantee you a stronger pipe once fixed. Pipe relining is also ideal for repairing pipes as it will eliminate joints, prevent root intrusions, increase its flow capacity and can supply corrosion resistance. After the repair, there would probably be less maintenance and a few future repairs needed since this can last longer.

Disruptions. Having some repair in your sewer system could result in a disruption in both your environment and neighbourhood. Replacing pipes require a lot of digging and could take days before it can be finished. This could be annoying to your neighbourhood as there will be holes and heaps of debris piled up that blocks the pavements. However, in pipe relining, which could be done for less than a day or a matter of hours, it would be less destructive to your neighbourhood. Aside from having a quick process, it also has a minimal disruption to your landscape that would require less restoration.

Versatility. As mentioned above, pipe relining uses epoxy resin. This epoxy resin can be used to some metal pipe in any environment, structure, building or may it be below or above the ground. It just proves that pipe relining can be flexible to any pipe repairs.

The length of Time. Nobody wants to leave their jobs and stay at home until the repair’s done just to monitor the technicians around your house. Digging up pipes and repair it could be time-consuming since it will take weeks before it can be done. While in pipe relining, the repair can be complete in less than a day or maybe in just a matter of hours. A quick turnaround would obviously mean a reduced pay for the labourers.