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Sewer Issues that Merit Pipe Relining

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There are countless problems that a household sewer line is entitled to experience given the hundred different materials that pass through those lines on a daily basis. There are issues that are quite easy on the pipes and only needs minor tweaking to be resolved. However, there are also those that have caused way too much inconvenience to the household and anyone relying on the lines that the damage had already reached beyond critical. For issues like these, a simple pipe repair can never be an effective solution. To make things worse, these issues are very hard to spot and when they do show signs, these often get passed on as a drain issue and therefore, the solutions that the homeowners apply are never effective enough to get rid of the problem.

These issues are the reason why the pipe relining method is quickly building its reputation and becoming a plumbing trend. For further information, here are issues in the sewer system that merits a pipe relining solution:

  1.    Sewer Pipe Corrosion

Pipes are carrying liquid components and other organic materials throughout the day and therefore are susceptible to corrosion and deterioration over time. Corrosive factors are more abundant in the sewer lines than what homeowners might think. Whatever passes through the pipes is a possible cause and carrier of the corrosive factors that lead to the its destruction. There are different organic compounds that the sewer line transports and when these materials get stuck along the walls, they react to the metal composition of the pipe and trigger the beginning of the corrosion chain. Now, corrosion might be a slow process but once it starts, it’s almost impossible to put a halt to it. The corroded area can hinder the flow of sewage, create blockages and cause the pipes to cave in.

  1.    Pipe Blockage

Pipe blockages happen when the grease, fats, minerals and other materials bunch up along the interior of the pipe and restrict sewage flow. At best, the homeowners can pinpoint the blockage early in its development and create a solution therefore, cutting the problem at the bud. At worst, the problem would be blown totally off proportions and lead to the destruction of the entire pipeline.

  1.    Pipe Sagging

Another problem that is beyond repair and critically requires a pipe relining solution is the sagging of pipes. Usually, this dilemma is common in aged pipes and old properties whose pipe connections are way outdated. The problem with issues like this is that the traditional pipe repair method is the only other alternative and every homeowner and plumbing professional know that the former requires too much financial force.

  1.    Leakage in Pipe Joints

Pipe leaks can start as minor inconveniences and only grow worse the longer it remains unattended. When worse comes to worst, the leak can turn full force and would cause flood in your basement floors.

  1.    Root Intrusion

Another persistent problem in residential areas and or in public plumbing systems is root intrusions. The roots have an uncanny ability to locate even the pinhole leaks and hairline cracks along the body of the pipe and turn those into entry points until they have access to the unlimited moisture inside the pipes. As they gain entry, the roots grow wider in diameter and promptly stretches the holes bigger until the pipes rupture and totally give out.