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The Advantages of Epoxy Resin in Pipe Relining

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The pipe relining method centralises on reinforcement of damaged pipes through inserting and securing resin liners into the pipe lining. The resin liner will serve as the core pipeline of the sewer system while it also seals and repairs the leaks and fissures of its host pipe. The pipe contractor must ensure that the resin is properly mixed with the liner and properly stabilised into the host pipe. The right type of resin should also be selected in the first place.

Epoxy resin is prevalently used by pipe repair companies compared to the other types. Read on to know more about the advantageous edge of epoxy resin over other resins.
The Sturdiest Resin Type

There are assorted types of resins used in the plumbing industry which include epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester. Among all these resin types, epoxy is the sturdiest. It also has a lower shrink rate compared to its counterparts. Polyester and vinyl both normally decrease in their whole diameters once they age. Epoxy, on the other hand has a negligible shrink rate so you may not have to worry so much about it.

Even if epoxy resin is commendable due to its durability, do not mistake in underestimating the other resin types though. They are still reliable to use and can even rival other pipe materials available.

Resistance against Corrosion

Old homes, especially those that are built before the 1960s, usually have metal and galvanised steel pipes installed in their plumbing and sewer systems. Most of the residents of these houses may be unaware that their pipes are subjected to intense corrosion by now. A lot of these homeowners may be suffering from various plumbing and sewer issues due to their corroded pipe lines.

Pipe relining is one innovative pipe repair and rehabilitation method that can assure you of a long-lasting solution to this problem. The epoxy resin liner is suitable for sealing and reinforcing the physical deformities of the aged metal pipes. It will also provide your sewer system resistance against rusting since epoxy is immune to corrosive agents. Epoxy is free from any traces of metal in its composition so it will alleviate your plumbing and sewer issues brought by rusting.
Strong Bonding Results

The bonding and stabilisation of the resin liner is crucial in the pipe relining process. If the liner is not successfully secured to the host pipe, the whole operation of the pipe rehabilitation project is futile.

Epoxy resin is one of the few resin types that have strong bonding results when attached to the linings of the host pipe. Remember that the stronger the bond goes the more resilient and sturdy the pipeline becomes.
No Chemical Odour

Other resin types such as polyester and vinyl ester are infamous for their chemical odours. Their styrene composition is the main culprit for such disadvantage. There are worst cases where some homeowners are forced to leave their homes due to the intolerable odour emitted by these mentioned resin types, and can only return to their houses after the smell diminishes.

Since epoxy resin have the absence of styrene properties or other odour-causing chemicals, most pipe contractors and property owners favour this resin type.