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The Benefits of Using Pipe Relining for Fixing Sewer Pipes

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Repairing sewer pipes is a troublesome ordeal. Your home and property looks like an excavation site. Calling a sewer pipe repair inconvenient is understatement. This is very much true when using the traditional open-cut excavation repairs. Things are much different in today’s modern repairs. The need for less hassle and affordable repair plans gave rise to trenchless technology. A trenchless pipe repair is the restoration of pipes with using the least amount of dredging. Trenchless repairs can be done in various methods. Pipe relining is a trenchless rehabilitation method that focuses on the rehabilitation of pipes. These repair solutions has a lot of benefits. Continue reading the article to learn more about them.

Less destruction to landscape and property

It’s a given that the landscape will always be disrupted when doing a sewer pipe repair. A conventional pipe replacement requires the full removal of a pipe section. Taking out an old pipe requires excavation which is very destructive to the landscape. This is really sad news for homeowners who have spent a fortune to beautify their yard or landscape. After the damage has been done, it will take a long time for the soil to recover and attain its original formation. Fortunately, pipe relining doesn’t cause massive destruction to your landscape and property. Pipe relining only needs two holes for its operation. The holes are nominal since it’s just big enough for the pipe resin liner to enter.

Total cost of the operation is less expensive

The reason why traditional pipe repair methods were expensive is because of labour and timed services. Most projects require supervision and many tools were needed. This made it necessary to have lot of manpower for the operation. Of course, the more labourers then the more expensive the repair project becomes.

With pipe relining, the total cost of its operation is significantly lower. This project only requires a few repair crew. Also, the equipment the contractors will use isn’t that many. You also don’t have to spend extra money for the clean-up since there is little mess if pipe relining is done.


It doesn’t just repair the sewer line, pipe relining also makes it better

What makes pipe relining an impressive pipe repair method is that it can actually improve the sewer system. The resin doesn’t just cover the cracks and gaps in a pipeline; it also enhances the durability. Furthermore, the hardened resin liner has a polished surface which makes it easier for the wastewater flow to move around the sewer system.

Pipe relining doesn’t take long to be finished

Projects that take too long to be finished are truly inconvenient. Property owners would love the repair to be done quickly. After all, they don’t want to have disruption in their residence or household. Pipe relining has no major excavation so it can be finished faster than usual pipe replacements. If it’s a small repair project then a pipe relining process can finish it in a day. For bigger repair projects then it could last for a few days.