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The Many Benefits of using UV Liners for Pipe Rehabilitation

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Certain pipe rehabilitation methods make use of liners to repair the old sewer pipeline and make it more durable. The liners that are used are mainly resin and come in various selections like epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, and many more. There is a new liner that is rising in popularity because of its efficiency and durability, and it’s called UV liners.

The process is done much faster compared to relining with basic resins

Installing the UV liner uses the same principle in setting up basic resin liners, although there are some differences in some parts of the process and it’s much easier to install. As usual, the pipes are cleared from blockade with the use of water jets or cable machines. The UV liners is then pulled between the two entry points and this step can be done with ease with the help of a glide foil. Once the UV liner is in place, it is then closed with the use of caps while air pressure is being added. The liner is then left to be cured with the help of UV lighting. As some of you may have noticed, there is no air or water inversion, and also, the curing process doesn’t involve steaming or hot water. This is one of the key benefits of inserting UV liners as the method is done faster since it cuts out other steps without affecting the quality of the liner.

It’s just as durable as or even sturdier than other resin liners out there

Some relining contractors use fibreglass for the liner which makes it tough as other resin or even metal pipes. Aside from that, the hydraulic capacity is also increased and allows for consuming less resin in the process. You can get a tough liner with fast results as what was mentioned earlier in the blog.

Better wastewater flow

It’s not just the durability that should be of concern when putting a liner into a sewage system, the effects of the liner’s material composition must also be of importance. One of the basic resin liners which is epoxy is famous for how it can improve the wastewater flow–this one of the reasons why epoxy is preferred than other resin liners despite having the longest curing time. Anyway, the UV liner has polymeric films that doesn’t only enhance its toughness but also improves the wastewater flow. Take note that not all contractors have polymeric films.

Overall cost is much cheaper

Inserting the UV liner can be done faster than most pipe rehabilitation methods. There are even projects that only last a day, and that includes all of the integral processes like setup, cleaning, inspection, lining and final examination of the liner. Keep in mind that if the project is done faster, the less costly becomes. If you take standard pipe renewal, you’ll be buried with various expenses such as manpower, heavy equipment, digging, and even reconstructing the damaged landscape. The pipe rehabilitation method using pull-in-place is definitely a more sensible choice since its overall cost is lesser and faster to execute if paired with UV liners.