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Why Epoxy Coating is an Excellent Choice for Pipe Relining

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Among the wide selection of resins used in pipe relining, epoxy coatings are one of the most popular choices. The other resins such as polyester and vinyl ester are still great resins that are proven to be effective, but there is something in epoxy that somehow precedes the other materials. Below are some of the reasons why epoxy coating is an excellent choice for pipe relining.

A very sturdy material
Some people often have a misconception that epoxy isn’t durable because it’s not metal unlike galvanised steel and cast iron. The truth is that epoxy is actually one of the sturdiest pipe linings in the market available. Of course it doesn’t have any strength if it’s not properly cured but once it does, it can rival most sewer pipe materials out there. Epoxy even has an estimated lifespan of 100 years, and most professional contractors offer a 50-year guarantee for their pipe relining work which is not a bad deal at all.

It’s less vulnerable to typical sewer pipe problems
Sewer pipe issues such as tree roots invasions, leakage, and corrosion (metal pipes) are tough to deal with. Certain preventive maintenance must be done in order to stop these issues from happening. All pipes are actually vulnerable to these problems, but some material linings are less prone to them. Case in point; epoxy is one of the few pipe liners out there that is less vulnerable to these common sewer pipe complications. It’s not prone to corrosion since it doesn’t have any metal compositions and the tough chemical properties make it less prone to tree attacks and leaks. Other resin liners such as polyester and vinyl ester are still durable but they’re not as durable as epoxy. In fact polyester and vinyl ester have some issues such as odour from its styrene chemicals, possible carcinogenic content, and shrinkage. Epoxy doesn’t have these issues but it does take long time to be cured. The time-consuming cure time is just minor hindrance to the top notch quality of epoxy resin.

An economical option for repairing pipes
Pipe replacement methods have become very obsolete since it’s very costly, time-consuming, and destructive. Think about it, you need to spend cash for manpower or equipment for digging, the new pipes, clean the mess done by the excavation, and repairs the damaged environment. Pipe relining with the use of epoxy banishes these inconveniences. Digging is absent in pipe relining so you don’t need to cough out cash for landscape repairs, building fixes, and of course, the excavation. Furthermore, purchasing epoxy resin is more economical than buying expensive metal pipes like copper.

It takes less time to be done
Pipe replacement may take weeks to finish because of the excavation and returning everything as it used to be after the replacement. Pumping an epoxy resin liner is much faster and can be done from a few hours to just a few days. As what was mentioned in the article earlier, epoxy resin takes more time to cure than other basic resin materials, but it’s just a small to price for superior liner material.