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Facts You Should Know!

Plumber Granville Town HallGranville is the home of one of the most recognised Australians Paul Hogan born in 1939. As a well-established suburb of Sydney, the older Granville homes with original plumbing would still have plumbing that includes earthenware pipes and galvanised steel water pipes. While these were the best materials available at the time, they both have limited life spans.

Galvanised steel pipes can rust internally when the zinc coating breaks down which may cause reduced water pressure or blocked lines. Earthenware sewer pipes become more porous overtime and attract tree root s as these pipes contain water and nutrients tree love. These pipes can be renewed in PVC giving you clean flowing water again. If you notice reduced water pressure, discoloured water or your sewer is slow to drain, call plumber Granville to check the conditions of your homes pipes.

Granville Offer’s Plumbing Service

We offer so many plumbing services and we can be relied on to sort it out for you no matter what happens.

Blocked Drains

Plumber Granville Blocked Drains

Todd was quite the home handyman and enjoyed…

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Emergency Plumbing

Plumber Granville Emergency Plumbing

Zane was on a mission to repair the dripping garden tap…

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Hot Water

Plumber Granville Hot Water

It was Holly’s 25th birthday and he fiancée wanted to buy her a gift …

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Pipe Relining

Plumber Granville Pipe Relining

Tree roots can penetrate PVC and earthenware pipes causing severe blockages….
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Seven of the Top Reasons to Call Plumber Granville Today:

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    Our technicians are fully trained plumbers

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    We value honesty and Integrity

    Guaranteed up front price for all of your plumbing needs

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    100% Quality Service

    We guarantee all of our work 100%

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    Plumbing Emergencies

    We are on standby 24/7 for any plumbing emergency

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    Cost Effective Services

    An obligation free plumbing inspection ensures all of your plumbing is working correctly

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    Equipped and on-time

    Trucks stocked with the tools and supplies to get the job done

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    To getting the job done especially blocked sewer and stormwater drains

Granville plumbing professionals who you can count on to take care of all your plumbing needs.

  • Various gas services, including the installation and repair of gas lines

  • We can repair or replace your old dripping taps

  • Repairs and installations rainwater harvesting ad storage tanks

  • Locating and repairing or replacing leaking pipes

  • We can repair or replace toilets

  • Sewer Line – cleaning, relining, repair or replacement

  • Hot Water Tank repairs and replacement

What People Say

"Very responsive and a great service. Thoroughly recommend"




"Very responsive and a great service. Thoroughly recommend"

"We have used Your Plumber Neighbourhood over the years and are very happy"




"We have used Your Plumber Neighbourhood over the years and are very happy"

"Excellent. Stewart was on time and explained everything. I was very impressed."

Ms. M.


Ms. M.

"Excellent. Stewart was on time and explained everything. I was very impressed."

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Plumber Granville 25% Off

Plumber Granville finding a costly water leak!

Crystal held her hand in front of her to get a better view of her nails. She always tool pride in them and ensured that they were perfectly shaped and coloured. Three coats of nail polish were the best, she decided. She had applied the 2nd coat of her pearly pink polish and it was almost dry, but not completely. While she waited, she caught sight of a pile of letters from the previous day. She had a sneaking suspicion that they were bills of some sort, so had been avoiding them. “I guess I should take a look at them,” she said, to herself.

She carefully opened the first envelope, which contained information on how much water they had used. Her jaw dropped, when she saw the figure. That can’t possibly be correct! She thought. She went through, in her mind, what would have caused such a spike, in their usage, but she drew a blank.

She had recently seen on television, how a high water bill, could indicate a plumbing problem and her excessive bill instantly reminded her of this. Crystal thought she would give their advice, of contacting a plumber, a try. She pulled up the Granville search engine, on her internet screen and typed in Granville plumber. A few companies showed up on screen so she picked the one that was most appealing to her. The one she decided on looked professional and reliable. The site also added that they also operated throughout Harris Park, Silverwater, Auburn, South Granville, Merrylands, Mays Hill and Guildford.

Crystal dialled the number and inquired about possible solutions to her skyrocketing bill. They were very helpful and queried whether she would like a plumber to check out her Granville home’s plumbing, that very day. She immediately accepted the offer and was excited with the prospect of getting to the bottom of the mystery. She counted down the minutes until he was due to arrive.

An hour later, the plumbing professional appeared in her driveway. She chatted to him about her concerns and he was very understanding. He gave his thoughts on what possible problems there could be, and also provided her with a quote. He was surprised at how reasonable his fees were and gave him the green light to continue.

Shortly after, the plumber found Crystal and said, “I think I may have found the cause.” He went on to say that there was leak along one of the pipes, where water was escaping and causing unnecessary waste. He explained that he had repaired the leak. Crystal was thrilled with the news. She was very curious as to the difference it would make. She never thought that she would find herself looking forward to a future bill.

If you experience unexpected increase in water usage, a leak or other plumbing problem could be to blame. Start saving now, by contacting an experience expert, to help you find ways to cut down your bills. Call us on 0402 290 290.